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Damien Hirst’s Auction Gamble

With much news and controversy surrounding today’s opening of Damien Hirst’s massive auction Beautiful Inside My Head Forever, The Wall Street Journal offers a perspective on the massive undertaking. With millions of dollars at stake, the auction and its surrounding events have raised some interesting issues including how Hirst’s auction is anticipated to become the most expensive auction of artwork from any living artist ever, the decision to bypass galleries straight for an auction format and how such expensive art fits in the current economical landscape. Few if any will ever own a piece of Damien Hirst art, however the Sotheby’s catalog for this auction is available for $80 but faces an almost certain increase in value.

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Carrot Clothing and Dalek Skateboard Deck

Recently hooking up with Brooklyn based Dalek, Carrot Clothing produce a skate deck featuring the celebrated graffiti artist’s well known work. With other projects alongside 123 Klan and Travis Millard, the Serbian clothing company is making quite a name for themselves. This particular Carrot x Dalek limited edition deck will be limited to only 100 pieces. Check out Carrot’s website for further information.

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Las Vegas Art Museum displays Collector’s Contemporary Collections

The Las Vegas Art Museum shows the exhibition Las Vegas Collects Contemporary presented by City National Bank. This exhibition features works of contemporary art on loan from Southern Nevada’s most important privately held fine art collections. Artists featured in the show include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Uta Barth, Dan Flavin, Andreas Gursky, Michael Heizer, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, Donald Judd, Jason Martin, Takashi Murakami, Ken Price, David Reed, Gerhard Richter, Ed Ruscha, Venske & Spänle, and Andy Warhol among others.

“This exhibition provides an opportunity to peek inside the outstanding private collections in Las Vegas,” says LVAM Director Libby Lumpkin. “Contemporary art has become the focus of collecting for many of Las Vegas’s most high-profile citizens, who have been very generous to allow LVAM to borrow works of extremely high quality and importance.”

According to Lumpkin, the exhibition provides an overview that reflects the sophistication of Las Vegas collectors, with works by established masters of contemporary art along with examples of edgier pieces by emerging artists.  On view through 26th October, 2008.

“The works on view represent only a tiny fraction of the works available in the collections, many of which are too precious or monumental in size to be transported to LVAM,” says Lumpkin. “This exhibition only hints at the scope of Las Vegas collections, but it is an impressive hint.”

Las Vegas Art Museum

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Tate Modern to Open the Late Works of Mark Rothko (1903-1970)

The first major exhibition dedicated to the late works of Mark Rothko (1903-1970), one of America’s most important and iconic post-war painters, will open at Tate Modern this September. Focusing on the final part of his career between 1958 and 1970, the exhibition will comprise around 50 works, including paintings and works on paper. On view 26 September 2008 through 1 February 2009.

Bringing together an exceptional group of 15 Seagram murals, the exhibition will offer an unprecedented opportunity to experience this seminal body of work.  For the first time in their history the nine Tate Seagram murals (known as the ‘Rothko room’) will be joined by a selection of related Seagram paintings from the collections of the Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art, Japan, and the National Gallery of Art, Washington. It will be the first time the Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art will have lent their works to an international exhibition since they joined its collection in the late 1980s.

The Seagram murals will be shown alongside other landmark series of Rothko’s paintings, including five Black-Form paintings (1964), a group of large-scale Brown on Gray works on paper (1969), and examples from his last series Black on Gray, made in 1969–70.

Commissioned in 1958 the Seagram murals were intended to adorn the exclusive Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan’s newly built Seagram building, designed by Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson. Rothko constructed a scaffold in his studio to create a replica space of the restaurant to work in. Though the original commission was meant to encompass only seven paintings, Rothko eventually painted 30 canvases.

The bright and intense colours of his earlier paintings made way to maroon, dark red and black, and Rothko soon realised that the brooding character of his latest creations required a very different environment to the one they had been commissioned for. Rothko saw the Seagram paintings as objects of contemplation, demanding the viewer’s complete absorption. He made reference to Michelangelo’s works in the Laurentian Library in Florence, with its deliberately oppressive atmosphere, commenting that Michelangelo ‘achieved just the kind of feeling I’m after – he makes the viewers feel that they are trapped in a room where all the doors and windows are bricked up’.  He took the decision to withdraw from the restaurant commission.

Shortly before his death in 1970, Rothko presented nine Seagram paintings to the Tate Gallery, citing his deep affection for the Collection, especially for JMW Turner. Displayed in keeping with the artist’s wishes as one coherent environment, the subtlety of the layered surfaces slowly emerges, revealing their solemn and meditative character.

Rothko is curated by Achim Borchardt-Hume, Curator, Modern and Contemporary Art, Tate Modern. The exhibition is organised by Tate Modern in association with Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art and will travel to Japan in spring 2009. The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue which includes essays from leading international critics.

Tate Modern is the national gallery of international modern art. Located in London, it is one of the family of four Tate galleries which display selections from the Tate Collection. The Collection comprises the national collection of British art from the year 1500 to the present day, and of international modern art. The other three galleries are Tate Britain, also in London, Tate Liverpool, in the north-west, and Tate St Ives, in Cornwall, in the south-west. The entire Tate Collection is available online.

Tate Modern

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Kelly Slater wins big at Lower Trestles – Boost Mobile Pro.

Slater takes the win with a fraction of a point by a mere .34 win! Congrats Kelly and Taj for a fight til the end!
Kelly signed off with a quote for the team “Hey, I just want to say thanks and congrats to all the guys on the event today…I’ve seen some of the best surfing here than any other tour stop…”

Kelly Slater (USA) 18.97, Taj Burrows (AUS) 18.63

Semi Final 1: Bede Durbidge (AUS) 15.10, Kelly Slater (USA) 15.67
Semi Final 2: Jeremy Flores (FRA) 16.50, Taj Burrows (AUS) 17.33

Thanks Danny for the follow up and real-time sms updates!

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Takashi Murakami Exhibition at The FABRICK Gallery

Reaching the ranks of the world’s most well-known and identifiable artists, Takashi Murakami is the subject of FABRIK Gallery’s latest exhibit titled Takashi Murakami +. The Japanese pop-artist has earned critical acclaim from around the world for his remarkable ability to combine both high and low aspects of art with strong pop-culture influences. The show itself includes not only the works of Murakami himself, but also drawing two artists from the talented Kaikai Kiki (a company created for artist development) roster of artists, Mr. and Chiho Aoshima. The exhibition includes works from 2001 to 2008 including some memorable DOB pieces. DOB is a mouse-like character developed by Murakami which was based on the Japanese slang term “dobojite”, meaning “why?”. Through the actions of DOB, Murakami was able to assume an alter-ego for commenting on Japanese society. The show takes place from now until September 30th.

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IPod Touch Capable of VoIP Calls

The new iPod Touch is fully equipped to work as a VoIP phone, according to our sister blog, Cult of Mac. iFixit found that the Touch 2.0’s headphone socket now has an extra fifth wire running to it. This is to support the new microphone and remote-control equipped headphones from Apple.

On the new Nano and Classic, the mic is solely for recording audio. But the Touch has Wi-Fi. While Apple explicitly forbids VoIP applications from accessing the 3G and EDGE networks on the iPhone, it appears that VoIP calls over Wi-Fi are fine. All it needs is somebody to write an application and put it in the App Store.

Of course, even if this fails, or the Mobile OS X SDK doesn’t provide hooks into the microphone for third party developers, there’s always another option — Jailbreaking. If there was ever a killer app to make it worth hacking your Touch, VoIP is it.

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Noop Show by Coarsetoys

Opening up yesterday, the Noop Show by Coarsetoys took off at the Rotofugi toy gallery in Chicago. Showing off his fantastic vinyls, Mark Landwehr’s creation’s were a huge hit. The figures combine awesome construction with thoughtful concepts and superior design. Some highlights include his half man half shark and bunny inspired works. The figures are available in limited quantities with more pics after the jump.

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Daniel Tchetchik “Still Winter” Exhibition

Daniel Tchetchik, one of the top Israeli Photographers, and a favourite of mine, is pushing it hard for his upcoming “Still Winter” exhibition. The opening will take place on Thursday September 18, 2008 – @20:00 at Raw Art Gallery.  Daniel will show some of his recent work and a new video art. The exhibition will be accompanied with a great catalog. So, if you are in Tel Aviv between September 18th and October 31st – be sure to stop by. I can tell you that the outcome of his hard work is extremely impressive!

As an FYI, if you are in Germany, you can watch some of his photographs at the Boehm Tradecenter ” photography from Israel” exhibition”.

Stay tuned for further information about the exhibition and from the opening night.

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