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IPod Touch Capable of VoIP Calls

The new iPod Touch is fully equipped to work as a VoIP phone, according to our sister blog, Cult of Mac. iFixit found that the Touch 2.0’s headphone socket now has an extra fifth wire running to it. This is to support the new microphone and remote-control equipped headphones from Apple.

On the new Nano and Classic, the mic is solely for recording audio. But the Touch has Wi-Fi. While Apple explicitly forbids VoIP applications from accessing the 3G and EDGE networks on the iPhone, it appears that VoIP calls over Wi-Fi are fine. All it needs is somebody to write an application and put it in the App Store.

Of course, even if this fails, or the Mobile OS X SDK doesn’t provide hooks into the microphone for third party developers, there’s always another option — Jailbreaking. If there was ever a killer app to make it worth hacking your Touch, VoIP is it.


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