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Herb-n Art Toys

Everything’s going green these days, and the toy world is no exception. Perhaps appealing to our guilt at the amount of plastic we consume as toy fanatics, a growing crop of collectibles attempts to balance the extraneous and the ecological. Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t grow a garden. In America, artists are making potheads out of Kidrobot’s Munny figures. Japan exports Crack-a-heads egg-shaped herb gardens, the mecha-meets-Chia Igrobot and Nyokki: a set of ceramic plant “pets” perfect for people who are allergic to animals (but not grass). Spain went green way back in 2004 with Martí Guixé’s Plant-Me-Pet, which won him a DesignPlus award. Those figures are currently making a resurgence with toy collectors; if you can bear to bury them, they’ll reward you with pumpkins, melons and tomatoes. For more information on the growing trend of eco-toys, check out Herb -n Art Toys at ToyCyte.


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