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New Work from BLU

Here’s a look at what BLU has been up to of late, one of the worlds best known street artist has been busy, with murals all throughout Europe.


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Damien Hirst X Levis Fall 2008 Spin Denim Auction

For the latest season of collaborations between Levi’s and Damien Hirst, the world’s highest paid artist has created a limited edition pair of unique 1947 501’s using the spin technique seen so fluently throughout his recent auctions in London. Just 7 pairs will be made available and sold through a silent auction at London’s Cinch Store this Thursday (16th October), bidders will be asked to supply bids by hand to the Newburgh street store with a reserve set at a more than reasonable £15k, the highest bid submitted by the 6th of November wins. Subsequent pairs will be made available in a similar fashion in Asia, Europe and America.

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A small victory for Muji lovers around the world, on October 22nd the doors will open to the new MUJIto GO store at the new JetBlue Terminal 5. Following Muji in Times Square and Soho, the JFK outlet is Muji’s third store in the states.

The store is focused on travel and mobile accessories, and if you’re as excited as I am you can download the PDF of the MUJI to GO Catalog here– get ready!

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Supreme Japan Online Store Launched

Supreme has launched their online store for Japan. Stocked up on some of their 2008 fall/winter goods including headwear and garments, the site is notorious for quick sellouts, so get clicking away if you’re in Japan.


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A Bathing Ape Book Review

Recently releasing his retrospective book, A Bathing Ape founder, Nigo relives the past 15 years of his company’s history. We take a journey back to the time when the label was rocked by Biggie and his first tee production in 1993 to its late 90’s boom. The book holds a unique tribute to street wear, educating the reader about a history clearly better read than heard and a look into what has become of the small entity turned Japanese empire. Holding a mass influence in fashion around the globe, this Bape piece is definitely a must have for any fan or fashion enthusiast.

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World’s most beautiful book?

I haven’t heard of many new books that can drill a hole in your pocket. And it is precisely because of this, when I came across this one, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you as I am sure you will not have come across such a rarity anywhere else. This book, which translates as, ‘the most beautiful book in the world’ weighs 24kg not taking into account the wooden casing that it comes packed in. Wondering what it has on the inside that makes it so heavy and expensive at the same time? Well, this is a book of art dedicated to Michelangelo, and it comes with paintings on the inside, based on themes adored by Angelo himself ever since he was a child. And everything in the book has been inscribed on pages of marbled gold. A limited edition book, only 99 copies would be up for grabs at $135,205.

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Lego Life-Size Replica of Yourself

Custom built or built to order concepts and products are what keeps Neiman Marcus soaring high on popularity, and their list of interesting themes never seems to end. This time around, they have hired the services of the renowned LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya, to offer a full-scale model of any individual, who chooses to see himself modulated as a LEGO. You would have to furnish the order with Neiman Marcus with some of your pics (Nathan prefers 16, 8 of the body and 8 of the head, all 360 degrees) and your emulation would be ready within some time. The only problem is that you would have to part with $60,000 of your hard-earned dough. For the ones who do not mind that, it isn’t that bad an offering!

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