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Paul Insect in San Fransisco

1“IDEA OF FREEDOM” is a solo exhibition from London’s Paul Insect, one of cult arts most recognizable and renowned artists. Insect’s first-ever solo show in the United States will feature a new collection of works including prints, installation and mixed media pieces covering how the societal burn-out has begun.  The exhibition aims to bring to our attention how our ‘idea of freedom’ is simply a façade for technology’s overbearing reach into our everyday lives and happiness.  How ‘hope’ is measured by new emails and updates on our favorite blogs and sex sites.  How the ‘underground’ is now an idea on our computer screens accessible by our fingertips.  And how ‘culture’ has been suffocated into transient movements offered as 72-bit post it notes.

Paul Insect has executed some of the most celebrated and provocative exhibitions in recent memory; including his “Bullion” show for Lazarides Gallery in July of 2007 which satirically placed golden ‘bullion bars’ in various parts of London as it’s run-up promotion. The show was purchased in it’s entirety by one collector.  More recently, Insect’s other Lazarides Gallery show, “Poison!” poked holes in our conceptions of sex, faith, beauty and politics though a series of paintings, doctored icons and twelve Playboy Bunnies comprised of skeletal figures.

Along with eye-popping gallery exhibitions, Insect has established himself as one of street art’s seminal figures, and has formed his image of a baby’s head with a computer chip in place of a brain into one of the immediately recognizable images in street art today.

Paul Insect’s “IDEA OF FREEDOM” will be on display at the upper and lower levels of the FIFTY24SF Gallery from November 6-27, 2008.


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