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Rip Curl H-Bomb Wetsuit Features Power-Heating

hbombIf the traditional way of warming up while wearing a wetsuit doesn’t appeal to you then you’ll definitely like the new H-Bomb wetsuits from Rip Curl. They feature a non-metallic carbon-fiber heating element built into the back of the suit that’s coupled with a high-stretch titanium lining that reflects the heat from the elements onto your body. The heating element is powered by 2 lithium ion batteries that weight about 120 grams and are carried in the lower back. The batteries take about 3 hours to recharge and provide about 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours of heating depending on the intensity level you use.

All of the electronics were co-developed with a waterproof camera housing manufacturer to ensure they could handle any conditions, and in the worst case scenario the batteries aren’t strong enough to deliver a charge that would present any danger to a healthy person. The suit also features a waterproof power and settings switch on the outside which allows the wearer to adjust the intensity of the heating element whenever they want.

Just in time for winter Danny!


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