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Hanart TZ Gallery to show ” The Revolution Exhibition “

wenqiang_military_policeREVOLUTION was the watchword of 20 th – century China. It brought new outlook in every aspect of life, culture and politics, and severed links with the civilization of scholar officials and dynasties. The “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” has profoundly affected all aspects of Chinese life and society, not just during the ten years of the Revolution but up to the present, and was the formative life experience for a generation of Chinese writers and artists. On exhibition 7 January through 31 January, 2009.

Hanart TZ Gallery is pleased to present “Revolution”, an exhibition featuring rarely found pieces of artwork made during the revolution era. This selection of original paintings and woodblock prints from Mao Zedong’s era gives a taste of the visionary zeal of that apocalyptic period. The vivid imagery serves as a nostalgic reminder of a most remarkable era in Chinese history.

Several major international exhibitions about the Cultural Revolution have been mounted in recent years; the exhibition “Art and China’s Revolution” is currently on view at Asia Society in New York (until 11th January, 2009).

Hanart TZ Gallery 


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