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Gerhard Richter – Paintings from Private Collections at Museum Kueppersmuehle (MKM)

Gerhard_RitcherFrom May 21 to August 23, 2009, the Museum Kueppersmuehle (MKM) is showcasing one of the most important and influential artists of our time: Gerhard Richter. Entitled “Paintings from Private Collections”, this exhibition features some 80 paintings which originated in the years from 1963 to 2007, and comprises some of artist’s key works, drawn from the Böckman (Berlin), Burda (Baden-Baden) and Ströher (MKM / Darmstadt) collections. Among the paintings on loan from the Ströher Collection are early masterpieces such as “Family at the Seaside“ or “Cow“. In addition, Gerhard Richter is also making available to the exhibition works in his own possession.

The exhibition is presenting Richter’s groundbreaking oeuvre in all its complexity, including works rarely accessible to the general public. On view are canvases charting the artist’s major periods, ranging from his early photo-paintings to the largescale abstracts of recent years. Essentially Gerhard Richter’s primary interest is the medium of painting and the exploration of its possibilities and limitations, of determination and chance, and of the impact of colour. The presentation of his oeuvre in the rooms of the Küppersmühle Museum, designed by Herzog & de Meuron, was planned by Gerhard Richter himself using a model, and, in collaboration with museum director Walter Smerling, he has supervised the hanging. As a complement to the exhibition, the MKM’s collection room, boasting other key works by Richter from the Ströher Collection, will remain open to visitors.

The MKM / Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art
Experiencing art and art spaces, taking a break from everyday concerns to enjoy a striking architectural setting – the MKM is a forum for modern and contemporary art in all its diversity, located in a vital cultural context. Thanks to the Ströher Collection, an international exhibition schedule, and its compelling architecture, the MKM has been a centre of attraction on Duisburg’s Inner Harbour since its opening in April 1999. Sited at the hub of the pulsating megacity of the Ruhr Basin, the MKM enjoys fine transit connections with a dense rail and autobahn network, and with the Cologne/Bonn and Düsseldorf airports.

The Ströher Collection
The MKM harbours and presents key works of the Ströher Collection. Awaiting the viewer on two floors is a tour through several decades of outstanding achievements on the part of German artists of international renown, with an emphasis on painting.

Visit : http://www.museum-kueppersmuehle.de/


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