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Ratata by Tomm Velthuis

Tomm Velthuis is a Dutch designer that was born in Groningen in 1986.

Currently Tomm is studying at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (NL) and he is especially busy discovering how to contribute to the world as a designer.

Tomm creates amazing wood pieces like the ‘Ratata’ wood block playset shown here. In total it consists of eleven pieces of perfectly rounded, smooth blonde wood that when assembled, creates a full-size assault rifle. I was in Amsterdam recently and bought number 29 🙂

Check out Tomms website at: http://www.bytomm.com and you can buy the Ratata, from the amazing Frozen Fountain Gallery in Amsterdam.


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Titania – The Leading Israeli FOREX Portal

TITANIA We at the gallery are in constant need of updated knowledge of the world financial markets data for our own trading needs. At Titania we found a great overall solution that can benefit both institutional and individual investors to make clever trading decisions.  Titania systems cover a wide range of trading needs, taking into consideration ROI goals, levels exposure, risk-levels, etc. Titania has built a quantitative rating system for equities, mutual funds, and FOREX pairs.

Thanks guys for the great free help and analysis that you guys bring to the online world.

Check it out: Titania

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