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Pure Water Vision – Eco Art Project

EcoArt uses art as a platform for drawing attention to the environment and surrounding issues. Their altruistic endeavor aims to inspire creativity that will raise awareness through various events and exhibitions, such as their current show “Pure Water Vision.” Featuring a collection of works from the ten finalists of the Acea EcoArt 2010 Pure Water Vision competition, artists explore the relationship between man, water and the environment through photography, video, painting, sculpture or performance.

Focusing on the inherent interactions between humans and nature, the artists addressed issues from global warming to biodiversity to the human effect on ecosystems, covering a broad spectrum of issues facing the environment today.


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I am an amateur digital photographer. I have a full size tripod, but rarely use it- It’s too big and bulky to take on surf trips along with my boards and other stuff. I was introduced today by M to the Joby Gorillapod. I was told that it is lightweight with ‘legs’ that can be strongly wrapped around poles, branches, or ledges- can fit in a small pouch or a large pants pocket and it has a environmentally friendly packaging. No more flat surfaces! I am getting one!

Available through Joby or Amazon.

Thanks M.

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Toyota Winglet to Challenge the Segway

Segway users, look behind your shoulder. Another “personal transport assistant” is waiting in the wings.

The Toyota Winglet will be used in trials at a Japanese airport and shopping center in 2009, with a planned mass deployment in early 2010. It’s much slower than the Segway with a top speed of only 3.7 mph, but comes in three models: the S (which is only 18 inches tall and weighs 22 pounds), the M (27 inches tall and 27 pounds), and the L (about 4 feet tall and the same weight as the M). Both the S and M use leg braces to help you steer, while the L provides a handle bar. Like the Segway, the Winglet senses weight shifts for steering and speed and can slow down or stop if you teeter too much.

In a video demo, a Toyota representative effortless drove around a stage with the S model. Trials in Japan will determine how well the device maneuvers in crowded areas, and how pedestrians not riding on a Winglet will react. The press release for the Winglet mentions how the Toyota robotics division intends to help contribute the “health and comfort” of future society. My only comment: in current society, with pervasive electronic entertainment, gas-guzzling cars, and a coach-potato lifestyle, it seems as though introducing another vehicle that does not require physical excursion is counter-productive.

But who knows? The Winglet looks slick and portable, a device that is light enough to carry in the car and use on a whim. It could also provide more mobility for those who walk to work every day. In the US, it’s still unclear whether devices such as the Segway and Winglet will catch on; but manufacturers seem to have few qualms pushing them.

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Ultra Motor Announces A2B Electric Bike

Whether you live in a big city and simply don’t have the space or inclination to own a car, or you’re simply looking for alternative transportation that doesn’t pollute the environment — walking or biking are probably high on your list of ways to get around. However, there’s always going to be some point when you don’t feel like walking and you don’t feel like pedaling a bike around. For these times, you need something like the new A2B Electric Bike by Ultra Motor.

I’ll say right off the bat that the bike is odd looking to my eyes. It uses mountain bike style suspension and upright riding position with an oversized seat for comfort. A small tray that sticks out from behind the bike, under the seat, and can be used for stowing computers or other items that are small. The bike has pedals that can be used if it runs out of battery power or to increase the cruise speed, but the pedals are not needed for normal operation.


The bike can travel for 20 miles on a single charge of its lithium-ion batteries at speeds of up to 20 mph. The battery is swappable on the go, allowing you to double the distance the bike can travel. To charge the bike you simply plug it into an AC outlet it in your home. This could be an ideal method of transport for people who are members of the green brigade. Pricing for the bike is unknown, but it will be available nationwide in September through authorized dealers.

Ultra Motor

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Openers and More Trees Eco Value Wood 400% Bearbrick

Medicom have worked closely with Openers and More Trees to produce this conceptually great Bearbrick. Made entirely of scrap wood the finish which looks considerably like ply wood provides a great enviromentally friendly message. The 400% Bearbrick built by furniture makers Karimoku has ammassed only 150 pieces and will be available from online at Rumors.jp and in store at Isetan Shinjuku, with 10% of the sales will be donated to the More Trees environmental foundation it is a well worth addition for any admirer.

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