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Shepard Fairey on the cover of Be Street Issue 12

French magazine Be Street is about to release their issue 12. This time they have commissioned artist Shepard Fairey to do the cover design. Next to Shepard Fairey the new issue also features Johnny Cupcakes, Rusko, Yelawolf, P-Rod and lots of other interesting personalities, next to the latest in style and fashion.


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Damien Hirst shark back to Tate

A Damien Hirst retrospective featuring his infamous shark is one of the highlights at Tate Modern in 2012.

The exhibition, which will include works by the British artist spanning two decades, will run from 5 April to 9 September at the London gallery.

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Beijing Olympic Games Captured

Now the spectacle of the Beijing Olympic Games have comes to an electrifying close here is an amazing collection of stills. Capturing the joy and ecstasy of achieving to the anguish and pain of loosing these images have really captured the emotions of the athletes and fans. Either way you look at it only the Olympic Games would bring two legends of football from Brazil and Argentina to embrace like Ronaldhino and Maradona do above. Check out the 150 images here.

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Know Your Olympic Sport: Doping

Anybody notice something missing? Where are all the drugs? Despite all the attention going into the games, Beijing has been relatively clean (air pollution not withstanding).

The size and scope of the Beijing Olympics has bordered on intimidating. In developing the drug-testing protocol for the games, organizers hoped their comprehensive plan would have a similar effect. The number of tests has increased from 3,600 used in Athens to 4,500 in Beijing. At a minimum, the top five finishers are tested, and athletes can be tested more than once a day at the 41 different testing locations. More than 1,250 tests were conducted pre-competition (800 urine and 450 blood tests). Positive results have been infrequent to date, though a North Korean air rifle competitor tested positive for a steroid known to minimize shaking, and was stripped of his medal. Guess there can be a Steroid Era in any sport.

Gym In A Pill

Couch potatoes rejoice. The next generation of performance enhancers are being tested on mice. Researchers at the Salk Institute found that a small amount of exercise combined with a pill containing GW1516 to increase the activity of PPAR-delta resulted in mice that could run twice as far as their undrugged brethren. The drug essentially tricks the body into thinking it actually worked out. Extrapolating from mice to humans would be difficult, but WADA has been made aware and the researchers are developing a detection method.

The Jokes Write Themselves

While you wouldn’t associate Viagra with Olympic athletes, given the reputation of the Olympic Village, you never know. Either way, the World Anti-Doping Agency conceded before the games that they didn’t have enough evidence to ban the drug. The concern from WADA is regarding rumors that it was being used to enhance aerobic performance on the field, rather than in the bedroom.

Everybody’s Second-Favorite Legal Drug

Many in the world of cubicle monotony understand the need for a cup of joe to get through the day. Apparently a lot of the best athletes in the world need a similar kick. A study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine reports that one third of track and field athletes and 60 percent of cyclists reported using caffeine before competition, which is legal according to WADA. Along with old-fashioned coffee, athletes are using energy drinks and pills to help increase performance. WADA claims much of its research shows caffeine is actually detrimental to performance.

Via: PopSci

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Rafael Nadal – Right or Left?

Coming off a gold medal victory at the Beijing Olympics, Spaniard Rafael Nadal is currently ranked as the #1 player in the world. All the accolades are for a reason, he is simply talented but as Rafa puts it, “its much better to rely on hard work than to reply on talent”. Getting in depth with the tennis star along with his trainer, they reveal how Rafa is right handed yet uses his left hand to dominate the competition. Check it out!

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Olympic DiveCam Explained

Ever since I first saw the DiveCam that NBC uses for televised events a few years ago, I wondered how the operator managed to keep the camera so perfectly synced with the diver as they plunged into the pool. Well thanks to a few different camera angles used at this year’s Olympic games I finally figured out the simple gimmick the DiveCam uses, but the Wall Street Journal has gone one step further and provided a bit of backstory regarding its development.

For those who don’t know or haven’t seen it, the DiveCam is basically a small camera contained in a tube that follows the diver from the top of the platform all the way into the water. But instead of using complex pneumatics or motorized tracks, the camera is simply dropped at the same time the athlete leaves the platform. Since gravity ensures that everything falls at the same rate, as long as the operator releases the camera at the same time as the diver, it will perfectly follow them into the water. The idea was originally thought up by NBC’s David Neal, but he contracted Garret Brown, inventor of the Steadicam (and countless other ingenious camera rigs) to make it a reality. Garret improved on the idea with mechanisms to safely bring the camera to a stop once underwater, and added remote tilt-and-pan controls so that the cameraman could always keep the diver in frame. I’ll admit that diving is not one of my favorite events, but seeing the footage that comes from the DiveCam is enough to keep me watching every time it’s on.

 WSJ – Now Diving: Sir Isaac Newton

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Nike Sportswear Rome 1960 Exhibition

With the worldwide roll-out of Nike Sportswear, the Italian capital of Rome played host to an exhibit which combined a display of Nike Sportswear products as well as art installations. The event also included art work by artist Parra and select incorporation of Nike products into displays.

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China digitally fakes 2008 Olympics fireworks

According to the Beijing Times, 55 seconds of the televised Olympics 2008 firework display? Completely fake:

Anyone who saw the opening to the Bejing Olympics would agree that the fireworks display was exceptional, but those watching at home were tricked into thinking what they saw was real, when some of it was actually CGI.

The fakery was unearthed by a local Chinese newspaper, The Beijing Times, which revealed that a 55-second sequence was created by a visual effects team, which included a series of giant footsteps made by fireworks.

Confusingly, this actually took place in the real ceremony, but the organisers felt that the sequence of 28 footprints would not be accurately captured live, so they faked it.


Keep all this digital trickery in mind when televised footage shows superhuman Chinese atheletes sweeping gold after gold. Or when a giant crimson dragon swoops out of the heavens like Falcor during the closing ceremony to kiss the head of Hu Jintao and then passionately denounce the independence of Tibet and Taiwan.

Olympic Fireworks Digitally Faked [Tech Radar via Gear Fuse]

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NikeTown New York 5th Floor Sportswear Installation

NikeTown in New York was transformed to celebrate the launch of the NSW Collection. The 5th floor has been filled with the creme-de-la-creme of the Nike Sportswear collection along with a gargantuan windrunner installation that makes use of over 200 hundred of the Nike jackets. Amongst the Windrunners, is the one being worn by US athletes during the opening and closing ceremonies. The installation will be taken down at the end of the month.

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Beijing Olympics opening ceremony

So for those of you who caught the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony —Holy crap, right? The synchronization, the music, the timed fireworks; it was a spectacle so awesome that for entire stretches of it, I couldn’t really think of anything to say but “woah.” The show owes a lot of its splendor to the absolutely amazing amount of technology that went into it and Chinese news sources now have a breakdown of what was employed to create something that’d make a billion nationals proud. Some crazy stats:

• The LED screen at the center of the ground, which unrolled to represent a huge scroll detailing China’s 5,000-year civilization, measured 482 feet by 72 feet wide and contained a whopping 44,000 LED beads with a distance of 600 millimeters between each two.
• Technical monitoring systems were employed to keep track of over 18,000 performers through identification codes, a first for any Olympics.
• The fireworks used a digital ignition control system that coordinated blasts in over 30 locations across Beijing. According to Cai Guoqiang, the explosions maestro behind that part of the show, not a single of the 40,000 cannon shots faltered.
• The material used for the paper on the painting scroll was produced by the country’s aerospace sector. Similarly, most of the core technologies used in the ceremony had been developed by domestic companies.

As was stated by broadcasters over and over again, China’s a country of tremendous challenges—environmental, economic and human rights-wise—and as a journalist heading into that mess some time in the near future, I’m all too aware of the problems that await me. But after last night’s performance, I walked away with a small overflow of pride for my heritage and a lot of hope for a brighter future. I guess that’s what the Olympics are all about.

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