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Shepard Fairey | E Pluribus Venom (Obey) Artwork Book

Having his Obey campaign spawning everything from a clothing line, record label and even presidential endorsements in less than a decade, Shepard Fairey’s accomplishments are nothing short of extraordinary. In his latest book titled E Pluribus Venom, Fairey features works from his 2007 show at the Jonathan Levin Gallery in New York City. The signature political propaganda artworks spread over 140 pages, filled with the usual red, black and tan color schemes. E Pluribus Venom is now available at Turntable Lab, with each copy personally signed by the man himself.

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Supreme Japan Online Store Launched

Supreme has launched their online store for Japan. Stocked up on some of their 2008 fall/winter goods including headwear and garments, the site is notorious for quick sellouts, so get clicking away if you’re in Japan.


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‘Now I Remember’ by Max Fish Gallery

Each month Max Fish holds the work of different artists in their most-of-the-time-a-bar space, and this month sees a collaboration of artists that are not usually artists at all! ‘Now I Remember’ is a group of skateboarders and graffiti artists, each of which were armed with a camera phone and instructed to record their daily doings… from hanging with friends, life on the road, and anything that they passed which they found worthy.


The show which opened last week and runs until mid October showcases a collage installation from the likes of Jerry Hsu, Todd Jordan, Neckface, Tino Rizo, Spanky, JR, A Ron, Curtis, and The Craze Crew. The fast paced, implusive manner in which these photos have been taken is a portrayal not only of these peoples lives but of a younger minded society that exsists now with reflection of a life unrestricted from fear.
For a complete list of shows that Max Fish is hosting see their website here.

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Freeline Skates the newest rage in skating

The trusty old jalopy evolved into a sexy convertible, the haggard bike into a racy Harley Davidson. Thus its time to chuck those old roller blades and dump the snowboard and get into the latest groove; namely Freeline Skates. It’s like wearing individual skates on your two feet. Since I have not tried them, I suppose getting the hang of them will take a while, but apparently those who do skateboarding will take to thin new innovation, pretty quickly. Compact and light, the Freelines are easy to carry in your backpack or pockets. At $149, it a whole new way to explore your world on feet!

Freeline Skates

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Carrot Clothing and Dalek Skateboard Deck

Recently hooking up with Brooklyn based Dalek, Carrot Clothing produce a skate deck featuring the celebrated graffiti artist’s well known work. With other projects alongside 123 Klan and Travis Millard, the Serbian clothing company is making quite a name for themselves. This particular Carrot x Dalek limited edition deck will be limited to only 100 pieces. Check out Carrot’s website for further information.

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Actiga Mini-Motion Games Induce Carpal FUNnel

If the X-Games aren’t quite your speed, Actiga is offering the next best thing (look, we all know that what I said isn’t true, but let’s roll with it, see where it goes.) Their $20 Mini-Motion games offer radical finger sports like skateboarding, RC cars, baseball, and futuristic racing games. Each game is embedded in the wicked-awesome controller and compatible with Mac and PC. But even more gnarly, they don’t even require a helmet! Totally sweet, dudes!


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Touch Grind Brings Multitouch Skateboarding To The iPhone & iPod Touch

I have a simple set of criteria when it comes to downloading applications for my iPhone. 1) The app can’t be lame & 2) The app must be free. So far this system has served me well and has kept the number of icons on my home screen to a minimum, but I might have to break my 2nd rule if this new skateboarding game turns out well. Created by Illusion Labs, Touch Grind uses the iPod Touch and iPhone’s multitouch capabilities to simulate riding on a miniature skateboard using only your fingers. Basically like a virtual version of those Tech Deck toys. It features a 3D physics engine that allows you to create custom tricks by just flicking your fingers and will include an online editor for creating custom levels that can be shared with other users. The game is scheduled to hit the App Store in October, but pricing information has yet to be released. Check out the video of the game in action if you’re curious.

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ALIFE and Girl Skate Deck

Hooking up with Girl Skateboards once again, New York’s lifestyle movement ALIFE put together this collaborative deck. On the topside of the deck, the reptile eye motif is featured which has become a familiar part of ALIFE imagery. On the bottom side of the deck is a row of jagged teeth with the ALIFE and Girl logos. Available now at Standard.

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Alex Pardee ‘Awful Homesick’ Book Signing Session

Alex Pardee will be signing his skate deck which he designed with Upper Playground along with copies of his yet to be released book titled “Awful Homesick” today at Upper Playground’s flagship store in San Francisco. The “Awful Homesick” book will not be officially released to the masses until later this month, but if you want to get your hands on this book earlier, you can get it from this session. Opening later today from 2pm till 4pm. While the skate deck is available now at the Upper Playground Online Store here.

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Colette and Solve Sundsbo Skate Deck

colette and Solve Sundsbo have collaborated to produced a skate deck, limited to 20 pieces and available at the Colette online store. This adds to the works the Norwegian artist has on showcase at the Parasian store now. Check them out decks below, which feature some impressive imagery and artwork.

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