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Jeremy Fish’s Barry The Beaver

This latest piece from Jeremy Fish will have many readers in hysterics, Barry the Beaver Vibrating Vinyl Friend. This collectors item is designed to please people who are after something a bit more artistical and creative. This video features a small interview with Jeremy Fish who was inspired by National Masturbation Month, was in San Fransisco for a signing which was quite the success.

Barry the Beaver Vibrating Vinyl Friend toy made exclusively by and for Upper Playground and Ningyoushi toys.

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Beautiful Losers, Hebert Baglione, Bruno 9Li, Nunca at “Transfer” in Brazil

“Rapidly emerging as the hot spot for emerging street and urban artists, Brazil recently flexed its artistic muscles once again in a massive show titled Transfer.

Santander Cultural, the biggest art space in Porto Alegre, Brazil, opened its doors for Transfer, the exhibition showcasing street art with photos, videos, live performances, independent rock, skateboard related art (and actual skating!) underground comics, and fanzine art from the last two decades. Transfer also included original artwork and installations from international acclaimed Brazilian artists with roots in urban culture.”

Some of the finest names in Brazilian art like Herbert Baglione, Nunca, Titi Freak, and Bruno 9li, along with favourites here on SlamxHype from the US like Barry McGee, Evan Hecox, and Todd James all had works on showcase at Transfer. Constructing a very unique mix or works, “the show definitely solidifies Brazil as a creative force to be reckoned with.”

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Jeremy Fish Artist Deck Series

This is the second series of an ongoing collaboration of screenprinted skate decks between Jeremy Fish and various artists. All decks are sold in a set of three and signed by Jeremy Fish himself. Only 300 of each design have been produced, even fewer have been signed.

In this deck series Jeremy Fish worked with some fellow artists on the deck graphics. The line-up includes Sam Flores, Matt Irving of Delphi Collective and Travis Millard.

The deck set is now available in the Upper Playground Online Store

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Erik Ellington Answers Back Video

Skate pro, Erick Ellington, widely regarded as one of the best around has made a name for himself not only by being an awesome dude and superb skater but for his signature collections from Krew/Supra and Deathwish boards. In a question and answer segment, we get tons of answers from the pro including whether he is becoming a satanist and why is only the Supra team on Deathwish? Definitely an entertaining piece, look out for the Neckface cameos as well.

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DS Could get Motion Sensor Controls with the new Tony Hawk Game

News is that the Nintendo DS could include a motion and tilt sensor with the next Tony Hawk game. The gripe reports that: A new game has appeared at the Australia Ratings Classificatiosn board (OFLC) and it’s called “Tony Hawk’s Motion’ which carries a G rating. Activision has previously said that this game will launch a new technology that has not been seen on the DS yet. This is good news for the gaming community because motion sensing adds the extra fun to playing games

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Zoo York Cockroach Artist Series Decks

New York-based brand, Zoo York, just announced a new series of decks, in collaboration with 5 famous NYC artists, called the “Cockroach Artist Series.” As evident by the name, the series is inspired by Gotham’s most resilient resident, the cockroach. The boards all come in different background colors, featuring custom cockroach graphics by the five artists: Greg Lamarche, Steve Nishimoto, Kyle Talbott, Stephen Halker, and Jules Kim. These will hit store in early September.

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Skatebook Volume 3

The third release from duo Mike Ballard and Salman Agah in the Skatebook series is now available. Based mostly on photography documenting skateboarding history, it’s a definite nostalgic experience for old school heads and very educational for the new. An interesting chapter includes the Bart Simpson parody, with him skating some of the most well known spots, as we all know how much of a skate brat Bart is and features with some of the all time greats including Lance Mountain and Ed Templeton. The hardbound book is now on sale at the Skatebook website for $19.95 which is a killer deal.

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Think Silly Website Launch

Hong Kong giants SiLLY THING have unveiled the new layout for their website. It reflects a very classy, clean antique like theme with easy navigation and scrolling. Along with cool sound effects and features, the new website is headed in a new direction, combining the efforts of their web magazine to go hand in hand with the new site. Make sure to sign up with the site to get updates regarding the magazine and product as well. Check it out here.

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Mustaches Decks

They say that clothes make the man, but we beg to differ. In our estimation, nothing makes a man more manly than a classy, well-manicured mustache. Ditto goes for a distinguished looking deck. It looks as though Lawrence Melilli agrees. He’s chosen to adorn his new gentlemanly line of boards entitled “Mustaches” with a few esteemed looking mustachioed fellas. These decks owe their stately appearance to their fine facial hair as well as their hand-painted detail. If you’re looking to make your time on the half-pipe appear more prestigious, perhaps it’s time you put in an order for your own custom-designed, well-groomed gear.

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Nike Sportswear Rome 1960 Exhibition

With the worldwide roll-out of Nike Sportswear, the Italian capital of Rome played host to an exhibit which combined a display of Nike Sportswear products as well as art installations. The event also included art work by artist Parra and select incorporation of Nike products into displays.

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