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Amazon offers $100 rebate for the new Kindle to boost sloppy sales

Amazon’s Kindle may not have gotten as popular as the new iPhone 3G but with the new partnership, the product may get a $100 rebate and hopefully a new lease of life. New card members who buy a Kindle with their Amazon Visa will get $100 off the price of the e-book reader- a 28% discount off its $359 retail price, and $70 bigger bonus than the $30 Chase typically offers new Amazon Visa applicants. One doesn’t need to be a genius to figure out that the Kindle sales are disappointing and this new sales tactic may bear little fruit as the technology being sold is too nascent to bet big on. However both Amazon and Chase are going to make quick bucks if customers who purchase the Kindle favor the device and return to Amazon, to buy new eBooks for it through the Chase partnered cards. It would be a win-win for both parties.

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Iron Man Blu-ray Pre-order On Amazon

It’s one of the best movies ever, even more so for gadget enthusiasts – meaning there’s a boatload of early adopters out there who will be glad to add Iron Man to their Blu-raycollections once it hits shelves. Unfortunately there’s no release date set, but Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the “Special Collector’s Edition” Blu-ray release.

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Kindle Now In-Stock

  If you missed the brief five hour window of in-stock availability when Jeff Bezos’ hideous, easily stained but decidedly feature-rich e-book reader was first announced, rush quickly over to Amazon, where the Kindle is now available and in-stock.

Oh, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? It’s like witnessing some wildly improbable and magnificently singular event, like a galactic syzygy or the exact moment in which a cluster of hot core gasses spontaneously forms a planet populated entirely by nubile virgins with a penchant for tickle fights.

I guess this means that Amazon’s finally got its Kindle stock problems fixed. Either that, or they decided they’d gotten as much buzz as they were possibly going to get out of the Kindle being perpetually “out of stock.”

Kindle’s In Stock

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Amazon Says International MP3 Downloads Coming In 2008

 Amazon Says International MP3 Downloads Coming in 2008

Amazon has made the important, if vague, announcement that its DRM-free MP3 downloads will be made available internationally starting in 2008.

Taking its content from all four major record labels internationally will strengthen its position as a superior DRM-free music provider to Apple’s iTunes Store, which doesn’t even offer content from all the major labels yet. Amazon currently provides 3.3M songs from 270,000+ artists, encoded at 256kbps, and priced anywhere between 89 and 99 cents each. Things are similar with iTunes Plus, Apple’s DRM-free music collection: songs are 99 cents each and encoded at 256kbps. However, Apple only provides “up to 2 million iTunes Plus songs” in comparison to Amazon’s 3.3M, giving the latter company a substantial edge with its scope.

Via: Techcrunch

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