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Apple Introduces Next Generation iPod Nano & Touch

Recently announced by Apple, the iPod Nano and Touch will be getting a bit of a make over while the classic gets cut down to a 120GB only. Along with a larger curved glass screen and flurry of colors, the Nano gets a built-in accelerometer allowing it automatically go into shuffle mode with a simple shake of the hand. Keeping much of its exterior in tact, Apple’s iPod Touch receives a slimmer stainless steel body with side button volume controls and built in Nike+ feature. Capping off the updates is a new version of iTunes and HD compatibility for TV Shows.

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iPhone 3Gs developing cracks?

In what appears to be an increasingly common problem, hairline cracks are beginning to form on Apple’s new iPhone 3G. While most of the cracks are reportedly affecting the white model, this is likely due to the increased visibility of the dark fracture on the white case as opposed to any differences in materials between the white and black units. At the moment, the issue seems largely cosmetic and doesn’t appear to interfere with the operation of the phone.

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Apple confirms iPhone 3G to land in 20 additional countries on August 22

With all the shortages we have been seeing with the iPhone 3G so far, its hard to imagine finalized launch plans for 20 more countries. It seems like it will just make the situation a little worse.

However, during the recent quarterly conference call, Apple officially announced that they have set a next release date of August 22. Of course, those lucky 20 countries still remain a mystery because as of now Apple has not announced which of the remaining 50 will be the lucky ones.

Let’s just hope that these 20 countries will have a little better launch day and not see the same iTunes related issues that we saw back on July 11.

Apple COO Tim Cook also went on to state that “Apple expects to sell more iPhones in the quarter ending September 30 than in any quarter since the phone’s June 2007 launch.” They are also still confident of hitting the 10 million mark by the end of 2008.

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Apple Watch

There’s a lot of stuff going on in Cupertino. Here’s a digest:

Apple’s lowering their prices in the near future.

This will result in higher sales and lower margins, hence their stock price took a recent dive. But look for lower laptop prices (paired with iPhone deals) as the company goes after the back-to-school set next month.

The company’s keeping mum on Jobs’ health.

We feel bad even discussing this one, because we realize that another human being’s health condition is simply none of our business. Investors who’ve sunk money into the company and who know it will not be the same without Jobs see it differently.

Apple’s got a new “something” coming out soon.

There’s speculation that it may be a new product entirely, like a touchscreen tablet computer.

MobileMe service is a MobileMess.

Service outages and people can’t get e-mail. The “halo effect” is getting pierced by devil’s horns.

iPhone is iScarce.

You thought out-of-stock in 38 U.S. states was bad? All of Germany is reportedly out until October.

iPhone apps downloads hit 25 mil.

There’s an app more popular than MySpace, Facebook and AOL: it turns your iPhone into a flashlight. Also, everyone and their brother has a “Top Ten iPhone Apps” article out there. We’ll round them up for you in a future digest.

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Apple Wants More Mobile Music From Labels

According to the New York Times, multiple label executives have confirmed that Apple is looking to expand its iTunes ringtone collection by June—far more than they have in the past. Their interests include both downloadable song snippets and ringback tones (new ringers). But apparently, the labels feel that these ringtones should cost more over a hypothetical 3G iTunes Store than the current Wi-Fi option. Why do music labels feel that way? Oh, because they are a bunch of greedy dinosaurs who hate you, that’s why.

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802.11n AirPort Express hands-on

802.11n AirPort Express hands-on

Well, what can I say? The new 802.11n AirPort Express looks exactly like the 802.11g AirPort Express I’ve been using to stream iTunes and wirelessly print to an el-cheapo USB laser printer since 2004. In fact, if not for the different model numbers (A1264 now, instead of A1084) and the fact that our old unit has some random battle scars, I would have found it almost impossible to tell them apart…

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Apple Takes Aim At Blackberry

Apple Takes Aim at Blackberry

Apple announced that its iPhone is soon going to be able to support company e-mail, which should give it a chance to challenge the all-powerful Blackberry as the device of choice for business folk. This is just one part of a larger plan to open the iPhone up to outside developers.

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