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GSK Contemporary 2009 – Earth: Art of a Changing World coming to The Royal Academy of Arts

monaThe Royal Academy of Arts presents GSK Contemporary 2009, the second annual contemporary art season at 6 Burlington Gardens. Opening in December, Earth: Art of a changing world will present new and recent work from more than 30 leading international contemporary artists, including commissions and new works from the best emerging talent. The exhibition will introduce the key elements that make up the natural world, and the activities that affect the planet’s fragile equilibrium. Works by artists including Ackroyd & Harvey, Spencer Finch, Mona Hatoum and Marcos Lutyens & Marianantoni, engage with the earth, air, sky, nature and carbon elements to encourage a deeper consideration of our cultural relationship to earth’s stability.

Recent debates have centred less on the possibility and more on the certainty and speed with which climate change will take place. As the debate has developed, so too has our approach to the future. Co-curated by Kathleen Soriano, Director of Exhibitions at the Royal Academy, David Buckland, Director of Cape Farewell, and, Edith Devaney, Royal Academy, this exhibition will reflect the impact of the climate change debate on the practice of a broad range of contemporary artists across a wide variety of media.

Many of the artists featured are actively engaged with the issue itself, working directly to transform the global scale of climate change into a human narrative. Others have shown it to have a place, or to resonate, within their work. Earth will interconnect ‘issue’ and ‘art’, and will present works that are beautiful, powerful and thought-provoking. The exhibition will build on the power of the individual works to create an overall aesthetic, visual and experiential impact that explores some of the cultural impacts of climate change.

Artists such as Antti Laitinen and Edward Burtynsky will represent our contemporary world and will invoke a dialogue around the perceived security of our existence.

At the centre of the show, a group of exhibits will elucidate the role of the artist in the cycle of human and cultural evolution – as communicator, reflector and interpreter of key issues of the day. Within this section artists such Sophie Calle, Lucy & Jorge Orta, Cornelia Parker, the poet Lemn Sissay and Shiro Takatani hold up a mirror to our changing world, producing work that will encourage us to examine the issues from a variety of angles, to reflect and question. Other works will confront the viewer with the consequences of human behaviour through natural disasters and physical collapse, counterpoising the beauty of the planet with the damage that is being inflicted upon it.

The exhibition concludes with works that present a world of vision and of hope, but through the glass of reality. These works will reflect notions of beauty and inspiration fundamentally re-defined by climate change. This subtle shift represents the first major change in our view of the world since the first ‘whole earth images’ emerged as photographs taken from Apollo 8 in 1968, an image that anchors our contemporary perception of the beauty and fragility of the earth that has germinated new notions of care and empathy for our habitat. Works by artists such as the writer, Ian McEwan, Mariele Neudecker and Emma Wieslander will offer insight, vision and hope, responding powerfully to this cultural shift, some with a celebration of beauty and what we stand to lose. These artists approach this shift from various perspectives: some engaging with the rigour of scientific endeavour, others through the use of imagined worlds, film and music, delving into the emotional understanding of knowledge.

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Serpentine Gallery presents Beijing-Based Artist Cao Fei

Beijing-based artist Cao Fei (born 1978) is fusing fantasy with the contemporary Chinese city in her construction of RMB City, an experimental art community in the internet-based virtual world of Second Life. Second Life was conceived as a platform for participants to create a parallel reality in which to live out their dreams, and 14 million people worldwide have registered since it launched in 2003. Each user is represented by an avatar, a digital figure that they can customize and control.

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Christie’s in London Sells Monet Masterpiece for $ 80.5 Million A Record for the Artist

Christie’s Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale took place this evening 24 June 2008 and realised £144,440,500 / $283,970,023 / €182,428,352 – the highest ever total for an art auction held in Europe. The top lot of the auction was Le bassin aux nymphéas, a masterpiece painting by Claude Monet which realised £40,921,250 / $80,451,178 / €51,683,539, a world record price for the artist at auction.

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Artist draws his face on the world with GPS and DHL

As a project, this campaign by artist Erik Nordenankar and DHL is quite clever: ship a small package with a GPS locator around the world to geo-map a global self-portrait of the artist. But I’d be more impressed if DHL hadn’t been in on the project: some of the circuitous Baltic curlicues necessary to etch-a-sketch Nordenankar’s bed head hair are simply too implausible without having a special delivery plane devoted to the task.

World’s Biggest Drawing [Official Site]

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Burton Artist 13 Series X Gio Estevez

Burton Artist 13 Series X Gio Estevez

The latest in the continuing line of Burton Artist Series Tee’s is a colaboration with NYC’s Gio Estevez, the Skateboarder and Artist, owner of ANX, has added a genuine NYC touch to the series, which of course takes from his signature style of illustration. The 3 tee’s drop at Burton Flagship stores on Monday.

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Uri Dotan & Avraham Pesso New Exhibition at Raw Art Gallery

uri dotan and avraham pesso at raw art gallery in tel aviv

Thursday, October 18th 2007, at 20:00 we will open the GREAT new exhibition by Uri Dotan and Avraham Pesso.

If you are in Tel Aviv you have to pay a visit! Truly remarkable!

For further information please visit our gallery website, and while visiting there register to get occasionally art information and more… Check back soon to get our newsletter! And do keep sending ALL fedback and comments!

Kipi thanks for your help!

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Uri Dotan & Avraham Pesso New Exhibition

Uri And Pessodotan-and-pesso.jpg

Raw Art Gallery will open a new exhibition ” A dialog between two solo exhibitions” by Uri Dotan and Avraham Pesso on October 18th 2007 at 19:00. 

Back in the 80’s both Uri and Avraham were part of the flagrant left wing spirit of Tel Aviv’s Sheinkin Street.

Uri Dotan and his brother Dani Dotan founded the “Tat Rama” and “Sheink-In” galleries and engraved the term “Sheinkiner” as a nickname for those who believe in the importance of art, culture and media in defining the Israeli being.

In 1995, shortly after Prime Minister Rabin was murdered, Avraham Pesso, an artistic rebel, set out for Kiryat Arba and smashed a bottle of black paint on the murderous Baruch Goldstein’s tombstone, so as to “obliterate the shame”.

Exactly one year ago, the two fellow artists met and learned of a change in the artistic perspective, common to both. The revelation proceeded through extensive correspondence and online chatting, and a creation that yielded a joint exhibition where the two worlds meet vis-à-vis.

Avraham Pesso looks at the world from high up. There are no people in his paintings. Perhaps they are at home or on the road. But he is way up there, painting what a bird or an alien or god would see. What Pesso sees happens in Israel, within the artificial boundaries separating Jewish city from Arab village, old from new. From high above, the reasons for war seem as profound as deep as the nature of man and as meaningless as the lines that time draws between the habitats of different nations. Pesso sees only the products of man’s doing; the buildings and fields, the contours of separation between worlds which could be unified.

Uri Dotan climbs up to the third floor or to the top of some skyscraper to observe the docile march of people in crosswalks being transformed into an artistic secret. Dotan’s walkers split; they exist in parallel universes that briefly intersect on the zebra crossing. Which is the real one and which is the clone? Which one really saw the neon light and smelled the tree? Uri Dotan is a scientist-artist, in his experiments there is no distinction between original and its clone, they are all of equal class. They all dance, move, insignificant like particles meeting for a split second to create that which is complete.

Two solo exhibitions making up a joint one – Avraham Pesso’s painting and Uri Dotan’s photography – call upon spectators to find a different meaning to distance, time and the human existence on earth and asphalt.

For further information and images, please contact Raw Art Gallery


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