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Banksy New Graffiti For The Royal Wedding?

A new graffiti image Banksy style appeared on one of the walls at London Bond street. Is this a new image for the upcoming Royal Wedding? I don’t think so…

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Banksy Art Found On Oceanside Bull Taco Shop

A mural depicts a rat wearing star-shaped sunglasses flying a kite with the likeness of a traffic sign that warns of immigrant roadway crossings, appeared Friday on the wall of an Oceanside restaurant, Bull Taco in California.

The appearance of the mural had generated a huge buzz throughout the San Diego arts community, but art critics and Banksy followers almost immediately raised the possibility that the artist didn’t paint the mural.

Nancy Willen, the owner of Santa Monica-base Acme Public Relations, was the publicist for Banksy’s documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” She said she was authorized by Banksy’s handling agency, Pest Control, to refute the mural’s authenticity. “Banksy did not do the Oceanside piece,” Willen said.

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Banksy At The Bristol Museum 2009

banksy-bristol-museumStreet-artist Banksy has a new show in his home town of Bristol, England. Although some of the pieces were seen in New York last year, the Bristol Museum is also showing over 70 new pieces of work offering political satire and social mockery. Core77 says that Kate Brindley, Director of the museum, managed to keep the exhibition under wraps from upper management, the local council and most of the museum staff by pretending the build-out was part of a movie shoot. Here’s a trailer Banksy has posted on his site:

The museum website says about ‘Banksy vs Bristol Museum’:

Throughout the summer, visitors will find some unusual specimens amongst the museum’s permanent collection – a stonehenge made from portable toilets greets visitors on arrival, a burnt out ice cream van now replaces the enquiries desk and the life size historic biplane suspended from the ceiling now provides refuge for a Guantanamo bay escapee. Banksy has filled the museum with his own wry take on classical art.

Check out the collection of images by MG/BS4 taken from the show on Flickr.

This exhibition should not be missed!


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Banksy Summer Show 2009

banksyIt looks like UK street artist Banksy will be opening another interesting exhibition to kick off the Summer. Other than a date of June 13th, there is no official information regarding the content or location of the show, so stay tuned as further details are revealed.

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City Council: Banksy Broke Rules, Artwork Must Go

“An artwork by street artist Banksy in central London will be removed to send a message to graffiti artists in the city, a council has decided. Westminster City Council has ordered a 23ft-high (7m) mural, entitled One Nation Under CCTV, to be removed from a building on Newman Street.”

Keep on reading on BBC

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Banksy – The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill Opening in NYC

Looks like Banksy’s made his stay in New York a longer one than anticipated, long enough to open up his own store. Featuring animals out of their norm, or at least what animals look like after been processed, the store boasts a unique collection. A vastly different approach than the usual work associated with the British street artist, his latest endeavors give the Banksy fan a similar message in a different way, which is certainly a trait very few artists possess. The store can still considered street art according to Banksy, since it can be seen from the street everyday until October 31st. For those located in NY be sure to stop by and see what all the talk is about.

89 7th Avenue
West Village
New York, NY 10011

Check out also the BBC video here.

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Banksy Alabama Piece Removed

On an unofficial tour of the US, stencil artist Banksy has been on the run slapping the government in the face with his artistic take on various problems plaguing the country. Today it was reported that the artwork has been removed. There is no official word as to what exactly happened, but according to a clerk across the street at a convenience store, local taggers covered the image up.

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Banksy’s Political Gift Rejected Becauswe He’s Anonymous

When Banksy offered one of his highly sought-after canvases to Britain’s Labour Party to auction for Ken Livingstone’s ill-fated re-election campaign, the party’s high command was jubilant. Then they realized that the true identity of the artist would have to be declared under the law. And that was a deal breaker…

Via: The Independent

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Banksy visits New Orleans

Most certainly my favorite stencil artist, Banksy has made a living ruling the streets of England with his provocative, political and damn good masterful execution of stencil graffiti. With his pieces collecting ridiculous amounts of money, any city should be honored to get tagged up but the legend, well at least everyone except the authorities. Recently taking a visit to New Orleans, Banksy attacks yet another flurry of buildings with his trademark style, obviously referencing some of the latest political problems troubling our nation.

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Has Banksy’s real identity been discovered?

The 10-year quest to discover the true identity of the underground artist known as Banksy has become almost as captivating as his stylised graffiti which has popped up unannounced on buildings across the world.


While many have claimed to know who he is, the only reliable facts are that he hails from Bristol and his first name is Robin. Now the mystery surrounding the identity of Banksy may have been solved by a newspaper which has published a picture of a man whose antecedence is more public school than street artist.

The Mail On Sunday says it traced the artist using a photograph purporting to show Banksy at work with spray cans in Jamaica in 2004. Former friends and acquaintances identify the man in the picture as Robin Gunningham.

Yesterday the artist’s agents refused to confirm the newspaper’s claim that he was Mr Gunningham, 34, despite what the paper said was compelling evidence to support its assertion. “We get these calls all the time,” said his spokeswoman. “I’ll say what I always say: I never confirm or deny these stories.”

And I say, so what if Banksy’s cover has been blown?

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