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Banksy’s Street Authenticity Board

Banksy has reached new levels of finding new ways to control his art, if royal protection wasn’t enough, he has now employed a board of inspectors, as it were, Pest Control, to certify any of the anonymous artists pieces, to deter wannabe’s given the financial worth of his pieces I imagine there are growing concerns over authenticity as there is in any art, but given Banksy’s canvas this can’t be controlled using regular methods…


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Ron English and SWOON in Bethlehem

Video footage has appeared from Banksy’s Santa’s Ghetto Exhibition in Bethlehem last christmas.

Ron English, SWOON, and JetSet Graffiti donated artwork to the Santa’s Ghetto exhibition and traveled to Bethlehem to paint on the Wall and work in solidarity with the elusive British Artist, Banksy. The effort was made to raise awareness of the reality that faces the Palestinian and Israeli people on a daily basis. Using art as a catalyst for change. For more information, please visit: www.santasghetto.com

Other Artist’s that were present: 3D, Abdul Rohman Elmzyen, Adam Koukoudakis, Aiko, Ayed Arafah, Banksy, Bast, Ben Turnbull, Blu, Conor Harrington, Eine, Erica il Cane, Faile, Gee Vaucher, James Cauty, Jonathan Yeo, Karim Dabbah, Kelsey Brookes, Lucy McLauchlan, Mark Jenkins, Antony Micallef, Paul Insect, Sir Peter Blake, Peter Kennard, Kat Picton-Phillips, Ron English, Sam 3, Sickboy, Souleiman Mansour, Swoon, Yousef Katalo.

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Banksy’s “Cans Festival” Works Gets Some Negative Treatment

SuperTouch have reported news from that Banksy’s work from the Cans Art Festival which is was set to remain up until Fall has been hit by some locals who are not in favour of the England’s prince of street art impression on street art. The abandoned Eurostar terminal-turned come stencil art museum has been hit a huge blow if you are a fan, otherwise if you are not enjoying all the talk surrounding Banksy then you will be enjoying this moment.

Take a closer look at some works below and head over to SuperTouch for the full story.

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Banksy mysterious street graffiti out for £500,000

Now a work by the mysterious street artist Banksy could be driven away – for an estimated £500,000 ($977,865). The design, on the side of a lorry trailer – which doubles as a family home for the current owners – is due to sell at auction. Called Fragile Silence, it shows commandos landing stereo equipment on a beach. The trailer’s owners, Maeve Neal and Nathan Welland, say Banksy has authenticated the work, which he completed before they drove the truck to the Glastonbury Festival in 1998. And instead of them paying him, he gave them two free festival tickets for providing the ‘canvas.’ At the time Banksy, whose real name has never been confirmed, was little known. But since then he has gathered a celebrity fan base including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Last year, Banksy’s painting, Space Girl And Bird, sold for £288,000 and in January a wall displaying his work in Notting Hill, West London, fetched £208,000 online. It would be around $977790.

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Banksy Robs Hong Kong Exhibition

In the past couple years Banksy has been busy spreading his stencil art all around the world in some of the most unexpected locations spanning over several continents. This week Banksy’s work hits the shores of Hong Kong in the “Banksy robs Hong Kong exhibition” which started this week on the 23rd of April, to have the chance to see such a collection of his work brought together by fabrik-galleries in a public exhibition is an opportunity definitely not to be missed, so if you are in the area the exhibition is free admission and will be running until the 28th at the 4F Pao Gallaries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wai Chai.

Via: Slam X Hype – check out images of Banksy’s work at the event.

Check out also the images at SuperTouch

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Banksy Exhibition In Hong Kong

Rare and previously unseen contemporary originals and prints by Banksy, arguably the world’s most famous street and stencil artist will be hitting the shores of Hong Kong for the very first time. Banksy’s work will be the highlight of an exhibition entitled Love Art that will take place at Hong Kong Arts Centre from 23-28 April, if you are in the area this cannot be missed so make sure you use pen, not pencil to put this date in your diary.

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Banksy’s Biggest Piece Yet

Banksy is undoubtly one of the most talked about graffiti artist of today, where his work is seen around the globe in some of the most unexpected locations. His stencil work often carries an alternative message that tweaks the ideologies of the modern society. Just last week we saw some of his work appear in London and it seems as though he has been busy at work once again and has created what appears to be one of his biggest piece of art yet.

“The secretive graffiti artist managed to erect three storeys of scaffolding behind a security fence despite being watched by a CCTV camera.Then, during darkness and hidden behind a sheet of polythene, he painted this comment on ‘Big Brother’ society. ” – Daily Mail (UK)

The message displayed in white paint was “One Nation Under CCTV”, ironically placed right next to a CCTV camera.
Under the message is a Stencil painted image of a young boy on a ladder painting the message while a Police officer is seen taking a photo from a distance with his dog on his side. This is not the first time we’ve seen Banksy’s work with reference to CCTVs, so maybe this message is one for us to think about.

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New Banksy Work

Banksy, as always, busy spreading his word, this time closer to home than of late, London see’s some new works appear

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Banksy’s Bristol

Banksy’s Bristol 

Home Sweet Home is a celebration of Banksy’s street art in his home city of Bristol. This book places him in the context of 3D, John Nation from the Barton Hill Settlement, Inkie, Nick Walker and the other artists and musicians who were instrumental in linking Bristol to the original New York hip hop scene.

It is the most revealing account of Banksy’s formative years and contains more than one hundred images of his Bristol art, as well as pictures of Banksy at work, many of which have never been published before.

Steve Wright, Venue magazine’s Art Editor, traces Banksy’s roots back to the rave culture of the Nineties and draws a rounded picture of an artist who is most famous for being anonymous.

Available for just 12pounds at Tangent Books, a must have for Banksy fans.

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Banksy At The Swiss Embassy Car Park

Banksy At The Swiss Embassy Car Park

In 2001 the Swiss Embassy in London commissioned Banksy to create a series of 10 pieces on their car park walls. Until now the work has been kept to those with access to the carpark, but the Guradian has revealed the work for all to see. Check out the video showcasing the work here.

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