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China digitally fakes 2008 Olympics fireworks

According to the Beijing Times, 55 seconds of the televised Olympics 2008 firework display? Completely fake:

Anyone who saw the opening to the Bejing Olympics would agree that the fireworks display was exceptional, but those watching at home were tricked into thinking what they saw was real, when some of it was actually CGI.

The fakery was unearthed by a local Chinese newspaper, The Beijing Times, which revealed that a 55-second sequence was created by a visual effects team, which included a series of giant footsteps made by fireworks.

Confusingly, this actually took place in the real ceremony, but the organisers felt that the sequence of 28 footprints would not be accurately captured live, so they faked it.


Keep all this digital trickery in mind when televised footage shows superhuman Chinese atheletes sweeping gold after gold. Or when a giant crimson dragon swoops out of the heavens like Falcor during the closing ceremony to kiss the head of Hu Jintao and then passionately denounce the independence of Tibet and Taiwan.

Olympic Fireworks Digitally Faked [Tech Radar via Gear Fuse]

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The Chinese Government Censors Two Art Exhibitions

As the Chinese government attempts to control the country’s image during this summer’s Olympics games, censors have forced two art galleries to delay the openings of their shows, Bloomberg reports. Galleri Faurschou postponed a show of work by Andy Warhol of Olympic athletes that was set to open this weekend, because censors felt it was inappropriate to exhibit foreign artwork during China’s biggest public event. Xin Beijing Art Gallery canceled a show of oil paintings by Ma Baozhong, because censors did not like his depictions of the Dalai Lama and former president Jiang Zemin.

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China Takes On The Art World

I AM searching for a new art gallery in central Shanghai called Bund 66. Its name stakes a claim to the majestic 19th-century river-fronted Bund which is now home to glamorous shops, bars and restaurants. But its address is 66 Nanjing Road East, around the corner, once Shanghai’s most fashionable shopping street but now bland and dismal. Inside a 1930s art deco office building, a fifth-floor door has a small sign saying Bund 66. I push it open to reveal a large white space, a vase of lilies and a pretty girl behind a black desk. I am attracted by a spare, abstract work, a few hieroglyphic marks on a white canvas, and ask the price. It’s $3000.

Read the rest of this interesting article at The Australian

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Rossi and Rossi Exhibits Contemporary Visions of Changing Tibet and China

Rossi & Rossi Ltd, will continue their series of exhibitions of contemporary artists with two timely shows this Summer illustrating two men’s visions of their country.  The first exhibition is devoted to the work of the Tibetan painter Tsering Nyandak followed by the first London exhibition of works by the Chinese photographer Zhou Jun.  The Tsering Nyandak exhibition, The Lightness of Being  will take place in Rossi & Rossi’s gallery from 3 July to 1 August and Zhou Jun – Bird’s Nest Project, staged in association with the Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, will be on view from 7 to 29 August 2008.  The second show coincides with the staging of the 2008 Olympic Games and focuses on China’s preparation for this world event.

Rossi & Rossi

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