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Christie’s Launches New iPhone Application Allowing Optimized Access to Website

iPhone_ChristiesChristie’s, announces the availability of a new mobile application that extends the company’s online experience to a global audience of Apple mobile device users. Beginning July 15, Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users can enjoy optimized mobile access to Christie’s online features, including previews of all sales and lots, real-time sales results, and more. This free application will be made available to the one million plus unique visitors to Christies.com each month via http://www.christies.com/on-the-go/iphone, the company’s Facebook and Twitter audiences, and to visitors of the iTunes App Store.

Michael O’Neal, director of Digital Media at Christie’s comments: “The Christie’s app ensures our existing and potential buyers are always in touch and informed of our latest offerings, no matter where they may be. New advancements in mobile devices now allow for a very rich visual experience perfectly suited to viewing Christie’s broad array of offerings, including fine art, jewels, decorative objects, furniture, and fine and rare wines.

As our global audience grows increasingly reliant on mobile communication devices, Christie’s is leading the way as the first international fine art auction house to launch a mobile access strategy, so that our clients may select the communications medium best suited to their needs at any given moment. The Christie’s app ensures that our clients continue to enjoy the enhanced online services they’ve become accustomed to with Christies.com, as well as take advantage of new custom features that leverage the revolutionary unique features and functions of the iPhone and iPod Touch.”

The Christie’s App was developed in partnership with Kargo, a leading independent mobile media and technology partner that specializes in producing breakthrough entertainment and information applications. With the Christie’s app, buyers and sellers around the world can:

Browse any Christie’s auction, anywhere in the world: Search by Category, Location, or Area of Interest, so you can easily find items of interest while on the road, or with a client.

  • Get Real-time Auction Results: Even if you are not in the saleroom, you can still track sale results in real-time. The app receives results direct from the saleroom and refreshes the tally as each sale progresses, so that users have the latest news at their fingertips, as soon as the hammer falls.
  • View Sale Catalogues and Lot Details: Always have the latest sale catalogue at their fingertips, with flip-through access and detailed information about every individual lot in each sale, including dimensions, estimates, provenance, and detailed catalogue notes.
  • Zoom-In on Lots of Interest: Use the high-quality display and innovative Multi-Touch user interface of iPhone and iPod Touch to make viewing Christie’s catalogues easy. Users can zoom in and inspect any lot in detail, and rotate and re orient an image to best fit their screen.
  • Email A Lot to a Friend: See an item that is perfect for a client or a friend? Users can select any lot and instantly send a link to it by email, along with a personal note.
  • Find A Salesroom: When traveling, it’s easy to locate any of our 10 salesrooms around the globe with location-aware functionality and Google map links.
  • Submit Images for Appraisal: Interested in selling an item? The iPhone camera function makes it easy to take a picture of an object and submit it to our auction specialists for appraisal. Buyers and sellers alike can use the app to view all 80 collecting categories that Christie’s represents, including fine and decorative arts and design, jewelery, antiquities, furniture, books, watches, wine, musical instruments, and more.
  • Download Wallpaper Images: Make an artistic statement by downloading iconic images of fine arts, jewelery, collectibles, wine and more from Christie’s image library to use as their wallpaper.
  • As the first step in Christie’s broader mobile access strategy, the new app is an example of the company’s continuing commitment to leveraging best-in-class digital technologies to enrich the client experience. In addition to its mobile offering, Christie’s remains the only international fine art auction house to offer online bidding capability via Christie’s LIVE™, a real-time multi-media bidding application. In 2008, Christie’s LIVE™ generated $82 million in online sales and direct underbidding. Online sale registrations per sale grew 138% in 2008 and the percent share of all lots sold through remote bidding channels grew 33%.

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    Surfline Powers Oakley’s Free Surf Report App for iPhone, iPod Touch

    surflineOakley and Surfline announced their free app: Surf Report.

    There’s only one other surf-forecasting app, GreenRoom Surf Forecasts, available today and it costs $2.99. It’s limited to spots in California, but you can get a seven-day forecast whereas Surf Report only provides up to three days. However, Oakley’s app is free and you can’t beat that.

    With Surfline powering the Oakley app, surfers now have access to spots all over the world with vital stats like air temp, water temp, tide charts, swell breakdown, wind, sunrise/sunset and a brief synopsis for each spot. Projected conditions and weather are provided for the following three days as well. Using the GPS coordinates of your iPhone you can see what’s going on at a handful of spots near you that are within a certain distance that you set.

    Driving directions are also included via map links in case you’re going somewhere new. All of the beaches are well known, so the few hidden spots that are left in the world won’t be revealed, but this will surely bring on another wave of iPhone toting kooks to the already crowded lineups.

    A community tab launches news surrounding Oakley team riders, profiles, photos and videos for those interested.

    Via: MobileCrunch

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    X-Plane 9 Flight Simulator For The iPhone

    When it comes to flight simulators for the PC there are those who swear by Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, and those who swear by Laminar Research’s X-Plane. And if you’re a fan of the latter, and own an iPhone or an iPod Touch running the 2.0+ firmware, you’ll be happy to hear that Laminar Research has actually released a version of their popular flight sim software for Apple’s touch screen devices.

    While the ‘mini’ version of X-Plane 9 is no where near as expansive as the PC version (it weighs in at 6.2MB, as opposed to X-Plane’s PC installer which ships on 6 dual-layer DVDs) you do get your choice of 4 different planes (all light aircraft) and options for controlling the weather and general flight conditions. And instead of a having to rely on a joystick for flying, X-Plane 9 uses the iPod Touch or iPhone’s accelerometer to make the device itself a flight yoke, requiring you to turn or tilt it to steer the aircraft. So far the reviews for the sim seem pretty positive, and at just $9.99 from the App Store it’s seriously making me re-think my ‘free apps only’ policy.

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    Touch Grind Brings Multitouch Skateboarding To The iPhone & iPod Touch

    I have a simple set of criteria when it comes to downloading applications for my iPhone. 1) The app can’t be lame & 2) The app must be free. So far this system has served me well and has kept the number of icons on my home screen to a minimum, but I might have to break my 2nd rule if this new skateboarding game turns out well. Created by Illusion Labs, Touch Grind uses the iPod Touch and iPhone’s multitouch capabilities to simulate riding on a miniature skateboard using only your fingers. Basically like a virtual version of those Tech Deck toys. It features a 3D physics engine that allows you to create custom tricks by just flicking your fingers and will include an online editor for creating custom levels that can be shared with other users. The game is scheduled to hit the App Store in October, but pricing information has yet to be released. Check out the video of the game in action if you’re curious.

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    Kanjitsu HF2 high-end earphones for the iPhone

    The earphones that come with the iPhone simply suck and if you are a Trance and House music fan then the earphones are simply not for you. Kanjitsu Japan has announced the HF2 earphones which are a part of its high-end ER4 series. The ear canal phones have a frequency of 20 Hz ~ 16kHz, sensitivity of 105 dB and impedance of 16 Ω. At the center of the phones is the microphone and control button which can toggle between Music / Talk and also fast forward the track. The unit comes with a storage pouch, stereo-mini connector which allows it to be used with other audio devices and spare filters. The Kanjitsu HF2 go on sale in Japan by August.

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    Apple Watch

    There’s a lot of stuff going on in Cupertino. Here’s a digest:

    Apple’s lowering their prices in the near future.

    This will result in higher sales and lower margins, hence their stock price took a recent dive. But look for lower laptop prices (paired with iPhone deals) as the company goes after the back-to-school set next month.

    The company’s keeping mum on Jobs’ health.

    We feel bad even discussing this one, because we realize that another human being’s health condition is simply none of our business. Investors who’ve sunk money into the company and who know it will not be the same without Jobs see it differently.

    Apple’s got a new “something” coming out soon.

    There’s speculation that it may be a new product entirely, like a touchscreen tablet computer.

    MobileMe service is a MobileMess.

    Service outages and people can’t get e-mail. The “halo effect” is getting pierced by devil’s horns.

    iPhone is iScarce.

    You thought out-of-stock in 38 U.S. states was bad? All of Germany is reportedly out until October.

    iPhone apps downloads hit 25 mil.

    There’s an app more popular than MySpace, Facebook and AOL: it turns your iPhone into a flashlight. Also, everyone and their brother has a “Top Ten iPhone Apps” article out there. We’ll round them up for you in a future digest.

    Sources after the jump.

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    QingBar MP101 projector turns an iPhone into a portable cinema

    For those that find the touch screenon their iPod Touch or new 3G iPhone too small, Honlai Technology have introduced their QingBar MP101projector. The portable unit that measures 102mm wide x 76mm long x 54mm high can throw images from 15 to 27-inches onto a wall or screen in a 4:3 aspect ratio at 640 x 480 (VGA) pixel resolution.

    It sports Liquid Crystalon Silicon (LCoS) technology and a 5W LED lamp with a life of up to 20,000 hours. The unitcan display 16.7 million colors with a contrast ratio, but a dark room is required with the displayed image only measuring 10-15 lumens. The MP101 supports iPhone or iPod Touch connections and also acts as a recharging docking station, and a composite AV input allows the projection of exterior sources.

    For further info visit Honlai Technology.

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    iPhone $599-$699 take it or sign up says AT&T

    AT&T wasn’t going to keep quiet for that long about other options buying the new iPhone 3G. If your palms were sweating to buying the 3G iPhone especially after the $199 announcement well AT&T has gone head and busted your hopes to get one without a two year contract. It says that the new iPhone will cost $599-$699 without the contract; however users will have to sign up with some kind of AT&T contract to get it to work even after coughing up such a huge sum.

    Now this news has certainly killed all hopes of me buying the ‘phone of the planet’ any time soon. Is there any point in buying the new phone? When, the single reason that the new pricing was changed by Apple was to lure consumers who thought the price was too high. All the speculation of it being unattainable is finally resolved to being a fact period.

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    Virtual DJ for the iPhone

    With over a month for the iPhone 3G to hit Japan and other 21 countries. But developers in Japan have already started developing applications for the device. One of them is ‘Raijin and Fujin’ an application which transforms the touchscreen into a scratchpad. It plays back sound by making use of the accelerometer the sound varies according to the direction of the acceleration. Not something a professional would use but good for creating wacky music from a house party. Two versions will be available Raijin and Fujin where the only difference is the color of the scratch pad.

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    Griffin WindowSeat Holds Your iPhone/iPod Touch at Eye Level For Convenient Viewing

    This Griffin WindowSeat is a suction cup-based iPhone/iPod Touch mount for your car, allowing you to keep your phone at eye level for easy map viewing and voicemail checking. What’s left unsaid is how sturdy this thing is in case of an accident, and whether it will come careening off your window or dashboard into your face to make a comically iPhone-ish indentation on your cheek. 

    [Griffin via PCWorld]

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