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KRINK x Monument Snowboard

krink-monument-snowboardMid Atlantic snowboard company Monument link up with New York based artist Krink aka Craig Costello on a snowboard. The board features Krink’s signature paint drip style along a blank grey base and image of one of KRINKS ink pens. The limited edition piece is part of Monuments BlackBlack series with a 100% poplar wood core. The Monument x KRINK snowboard is now available at colette.

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Krink for Beautiful Losers Marker Pen

Krink’s Beautiful Losers permanent marker will be hitting select retailers very soon. Originally made for the film premiers in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the marker features a Beautiful Losers font stamped across the front of their classic K-70 pen. A sure pickup for collectors or writers alike.

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Krink and Incase 3G iPhone Case

Recently executing an amazing job on the Incase computer sleeve, Krink is at it again with a 3G iPhone case featuring the very popular paint drip effect. Although this is a 1-of-1 according to Arkitip, it is definitely something to look out for in the future in case they have a change of heart.

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Krink And Incase “Curated by Arkitip”

“Curated by Arkitip” is a new project developed for Apple case specialists Incase. In the past Arkitip has been involved in customising numerous Incase products alongside the likes of Kaws and Andre, this is an extension of this philosophy bringing the world of creative arts to Incase great line of products. The line of products will available at Arkitip and Apple retailers.

The first artist involved in “Curated by Arkitip”, is Craig Costello, a.k.a. KRINK or KR, his signature silver ink is the perfect aesthetic in order to bring something new and fresh to your laptop case. Launching 15th July.

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Krink on CNN

Krink is recently featured on CNN with a 2-minute long video. Krink is a maker of high-quality markers and inks that is made for use both in the streets and in studio environments. The video covers the beginning of Krink to its dominating state today in the art supply market. They also talk with Craig Costello, the founder of Krink, on how everything got started.

Watch the video [HERE].

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Krink In The New York Times

Krink In The New York Times

Rob Walker’s latest column for the NY Times looks at the huge success of KR, not only his amazing art, but also the evolution of his range of products, showing a commendable blend of art and commerce in this current era of Graffiti artists on the main stage. Read the article here.

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