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New Beetle by MIST at Galerie Le Feuvre

French graffiti artist MIST recently put a comprehensive paint job together for Volkswagen’s New Beetle as part of an exhibition at Galerie Le Feuvre. The car’s newly defined exterior featured a high contrast approach with some subtle references to the car’s association with the bug of the same name.

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Tristan Eaton’s New 3D Art Book

Tristan Eaton’s new 3D art book is unreal. The pop artist and designer of the original Dunny/Munny characters has created the literary equivalent of leaving your eyeballs to soak in a dish of LSD overnight, with hallucinatory 3D effects applied to the work of a ‘who’s who’ lineup of pop artists. Put on your 3D shades and get a multi-dimensional eyeful of works by James Jean, HAZE, Junko Mizuno, Ron English, Nathan Jurevicius, Cey Adams, Stash, Mark Bode, Shepard Fairey, Tara McPherson, D*Face, Askew, Logan Hicks and many many more…

Over 100 artists contributed to this awsome book which is probably more fun than anything else you have on your coffee table right now. Not to mention 3D shades are mad styling.

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Know Hope at Carmichael Gallery (and in your newspaper)

Know_Hope The AnytimesKeep an eye out while browsing your local newspaper this week because you might just find an extra-special supplement inside. Israeli visual and installation artist Know Hope has inserted his own mini-paper, The Anytimes, into various publications in news boxes and stands on the streets of Los Angeles. The Anytimes is a special work of art featuring poetry, ponderings, and classic imagery by one of Israel’s most important young contemporary voices.

Not many copies of The Anytimes exist, however, and no one except Know Hope knows exactly where they have been placed, so be sure to spread the word about this exciting project. You’ll need to run to the newsstand yourself to make sure you get one!

On Thursday, June 4th, from 7-10pm, Know Hope will present his largest and most detailed indoor installation to date at Carmichael Gallery, a project entailing thousands of paper raindrops, fishing twine, weights, sheets of cardboard and more.

30,000 paper raindrops. 40,000 feet of fishing twine. 2,500 fishing weights.Hundreds of sheets of cardboard fashioned into miniature works of art and a crowd of life-size cut-out characters. Incorporating all of the above ingredients and more for his debut Los Angeles solo show at Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art on June 4th, 2009, Israeli artist Know Hope invites you to literally step inside one of his artworks for a visual experience unlike any you have ever encountered and one you will never forget.

“This exhibition holds nothing but a reflection of where we are now, and offers us nothing but the suggestion of adaptation and (re)adjustment to the current tides.  This is a binding burden, and we’re all in this together.” – Know Hope

Know Hope will be in attendance at the opening reception of “the times won’t save you (this rain smells of memory)” on Thursday, June 4th, 2009 from 7.00pm – 10.00pm. The exhibition will be open for viewing through Thursday, July 2nd 2009 from 1.00pm -7.00pm. 

Know Hope was born in California and currently resides in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has worked in the streets for several years and participated in exhibitions in Israel, UK, Norway, Italy, Canada, and the US.  “I hope to move heavy hearts at least one inch to the side by confessing that I’m petrified and secretly in love with the world.”


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Street Art Invades The Tate…

Is Street Art becoming the British Invasion of the ‘00s?

Unlike a host of unmentionable urban art institutions that turn a blind eye to the burgeoning art movements erupting just outside their museum doors, London’s TATE MODERN is paying homage this month to the city’s most colorful and volatile movement through their inventively-named “Street Art” exhibition. With an eye for international talent, the museum has invited six artists with roots in graffiti including Brasil’s OS GEMEOS and NUNCA, France’s JR, Italy’s BLU, NYC’s FAILE, and Barcelona’s SIXEART to embellish the building’s massive facade and partake in a group exhibition that will remain on display until August 25th. Of course, the most obvious omission in this list is the town’s resident street art kingpin BANKSY, but we suspect the Golden Child is above such institutional fare. And just when it seemed like London would have to build more city walls to support the nonstop barrage of wheatpaste posters and graffiti besieging it, the show has inspired a legion of artists to step up their wallpapering efforts turning the surrounding neighborhoods into an outdoor museum.

Via: SuperTouch check out the additional images.

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Sneaker Pimps – The World Largest Cultural Street-Art Lifestyle Exhibition Hits NYC.

sneaker pimps nyc

Sneaker Pimps is the worlds largest touring sneaker show featuring over 1000 pairs of rare, limited edition, vintage, celebrity signed, artists collaborated sneakers and a collection of sneaker inspired artwork, fashion and photography hits NYC on Friday, October 14, 2007.

Featuring original artworks by Futura, Stash,Doze, Shepard Fairey, Dave White, Cope2, Ghost, Ewok, JB Classics, Methamphibian, Jor One, SBTG, Kinsey, TechVector, C2, EricQ, Jeremy Fish.

If you are in the city, go check it out! Sneaker Pimps

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