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Know Hope at Carmichael Gallery (and in your newspaper)

Know_Hope The AnytimesKeep an eye out while browsing your local newspaper this week because you might just find an extra-special supplement inside. Israeli visual and installation artist Know Hope has inserted his own mini-paper, The Anytimes, into various publications in news boxes and stands on the streets of Los Angeles. The Anytimes is a special work of art featuring poetry, ponderings, and classic imagery by one of Israel’s most important young contemporary voices.

Not many copies of The Anytimes exist, however, and no one except Know Hope knows exactly where they have been placed, so be sure to spread the word about this exciting project. You’ll need to run to the newsstand yourself to make sure you get one!

On Thursday, June 4th, from 7-10pm, Know Hope will present his largest and most detailed indoor installation to date at Carmichael Gallery, a project entailing thousands of paper raindrops, fishing twine, weights, sheets of cardboard and more.

30,000 paper raindrops. 40,000 feet of fishing twine. 2,500 fishing weights.Hundreds of sheets of cardboard fashioned into miniature works of art and a crowd of life-size cut-out characters. Incorporating all of the above ingredients and more for his debut Los Angeles solo show at Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art on June 4th, 2009, Israeli artist Know Hope invites you to literally step inside one of his artworks for a visual experience unlike any you have ever encountered and one you will never forget.

“This exhibition holds nothing but a reflection of where we are now, and offers us nothing but the suggestion of adaptation and (re)adjustment to the current tides.  This is a binding burden, and we’re all in this together.” – Know Hope

Know Hope will be in attendance at the opening reception of “the times won’t save you (this rain smells of memory)” on Thursday, June 4th, 2009 from 7.00pm – 10.00pm. The exhibition will be open for viewing through Thursday, July 2nd 2009 from 1.00pm -7.00pm. 

Know Hope was born in California and currently resides in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has worked in the streets for several years and participated in exhibitions in Israel, UK, Norway, Italy, Canada, and the US.  “I hope to move heavy hearts at least one inch to the side by confessing that I’m petrified and secretly in love with the world.”


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Dov Khenin and “City for All” for the Tel Aviv Municipal Elections

dov-keninTel Aviv – Jaffa has been in turmoil these past years, with little to celebrate. Rents have gone up constantly, air pollution is getting worse, longtime residents are evicted from their homes and skyscrapers reserved exclusively for millionaires are springing up in its neighborhoods. Many residents are made to feel that they are a burden upon the municipality, which has shunted off its responsibility towards them, principally serving the interests of building contractors and real estate speculators.

The fallout has widened these past two years, to embrace additional groups hitherto not affected. At different locations across the city, protest groups have sprung up, reaching a climax in June 2007 when hundreds attended a protest rally at the Cinematheque under the slogan: “Tel Avivians, wake up!” The months following that protest produced conditions for consolidation of all these campaigns into A “city for all of us” – a single unified urban movement representing the broad interest of a majority of the city’s residents – rather than those of the moneyed elite. The movement has grown into a network embracing hundreds of activists.

A “city for all” is not associated with any party active at the national or local level, as illustrated by its membership: the movement includes religious traditionalists and secular individuals, residents of the southern neighborhoods alongside those living north of the Yarkon; pensioners and high school pupils, professors and students, Jews and Arabs, men and women, longtime social activists alongside rookies, right and left, members of parties from all across the political spectrum.

A “city for all” is not a protest group: it is an urban political movement which does not rest content with marking out areas calling for reform, instead preferring to put forward detailed practical plans for every aspect of life in the city. These plans have been worked out by leading experts from among the movement’s members.

A “city for all” intends to restore the city to its residents. It is the people of this city – not the skyscrapers – that make it so enthralling. Together we will restore the city to its people. It depends on no one but us, the city’s residents. Join the thousands already taking part in the historic turnabout so vital for the city! Come along to our meetings. Talk with our activists. Talk with friends and neighbours. Together we shall restore the city to its residents and make it into a place that is good, healthy and fun to live. A city for us all.

To find out details of their vision and their practical plans, about their position on vital issues on the city’s agenda, and ways of getting involved in the election campaign – click here.

Great YouTube clip!

YouTube movies

Tel Aviv City 2008 elections

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The ReUse Project is an on-going street and domestic planning campaign endorsing urban perma-culture and renewal through artistic means.
So, for all those hippies who should be wearing boots…for all of you anarchists and artists who should be living like you mean it,, but also for ALL of us who should be using what we’re refusing: Now open to the public as a tribute to urban art and renewal…
ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK: The INSPIRE Collective and Joint Effort Gallery are proud to present this year’s ReUse Project 2: a global art exhibition completely reusing one abandoned building in central Tel Aviv… Watch and learn to reuse as over 120 international and local artists take over this central location!!

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Tel Aviv – Seizing the Day

The New York Times has an interesting article about Tel Aviv – check it out and watch their pics.


Thanks for the heads up Dolphin.

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I am an avid collector of street art, and when a friend told me to go visit Urbanix, a new and first of its kind urban art shop and gallery in Tel Aviv, I ‘jumped on the tip’ and went visiting Urbanix.

Urbanix is an urban art gallery and shop that was established last month at 45 Shenkin street, Tel Aviv (inside the building) by Amir and Claire – two cool guys!

For me, it is more than just another shop! The shop features the largest rare design vinyl toys selection in Israel! it also offers T-shirts, accesories and other designed related items and some cool publications and urban art related books.

Urbanix is also exhibiting at the moment a cool exhibition of three street artists that work in Israel: Know Hope, Zero Cents and Klone.

If you are in Tel Aviv, or if you want to get a special gift – this is a great place to stop by.

Well done with this initiative and good luck Amir & Claire.

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Tel Aviv Gay Bus Tour

 Tel Aviv Gay Bus Tour
I found this video of Tel Aviv city bus tour on youtube and had to share it with you…I call the video “Tel Aviv gay bus tour” because the video was clearly made by someone with a goal: promoting gay tourism to Tel Aviv, and I think that the invitation at the end of the video refers to the Gay Pride Parade, usually held in June. The Original name of the video is “Suddenly I see – Tel Aviv”, and the name I chose for it is just my tribute to the TLV gay community which does a lot to encourage tourism to Israel.
About Tel Aviv city buse tours: This is a two hours ride on a roofless (shining red) bus, through all the major attractions of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. You will drive by the long sandy beach of TLV, visit the old city of Jaffa, Neve Tzedek neighborhood, Rothchild blvd, the university, the Diaspora Museum and Tel Aviv Museum. The bus will take you to the vibrant Carmel market, to the posh shopping area of Kikar HaMedina, Dizengoff St. and Rabin’s memorial.The first tour starts at 9am near Riding Power Plant, the following tour is at 11am and after that, every hour on the hour until 4pm. On Fridays the last tour starts at 2pm. Tourists can get on or off the bus in several places and to make things easy and comfortable, the tour starts with the Tel Aviv Promenade where most big hotels are located, so tourist can hop on the bus at the entrance to their hotel.It’s a fun tour, audio guided in eight different languages, and with the pleasant Israeli weather, this is a pleasurable way to get to know the city. All you have to do is to bring your camera, sun glasses and sunscreen, grab a seat and relax – you are in for a brilliant ride through Tel Aviv.

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Tami Amit Upcoming Exhibition At Raw Art Gallery

 Tami Amit Upcoming Exhibition At Raw Art Gallery

Tami Amit is pushing it hard for her upcoming “Motion Pictures” exhibition. The opening will take place on Thursday March 27, 2008 – 20:00 at Raw Art Gallery. At the same opening night, we will hold in the gallery, a special event for the realese of her eagerly anticipated artist book.

I can tell you that the outcome of her hard work is extremely impressive!

Stay tuned for further information about the exhibition and book. 

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Fresh Paint Art Fair – Under Construction

Fresh Paint Art Fair - Under Construction 

Here is a first look at our ‘under construction’ space at Fresh Paint. Additional images will follow soon.

Hope to see you there!

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Fresh Paint – The First Israeli Art Fair

Fresh Paint - The First Israeli Art Fair 

Finally, there is an English version website for the art fair, so check it out and do come and say hi while you are at the fair!

All you guys that requested invitations for the openening night, they are supposed to arrive soon… Stay tuned…

Fresh Paint


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Israbilly Launch Party


Mark your calendars! Wednesday, December 5, 2007 sometime around 22:00, the opening shot of the launch party of Israbilly, here in Tel Aviv.

So, clear your calendars, make your plane and hotel reservations, and get ready to party like its 1999. Great preformances excellent music, with a very cool lineup of DJ’s.

If you are in Tel Aviv – don’t miss this one!

For further information check out the Israbilly website and don’t forget to sign up for future communication.

Comfort 13 Florentine, Tel Aviv.

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