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Virtual Surfing In Hotels – Sheraton Waikiki Sunami Surf Simulator

Virtual Surfing in Hotels - Sheraton Waikiki Sunami Surf Simulator

Hey, how good does a surf vacation sound? I hate to break it to ya, but even making the trip to Hawaii can’t ensure perfect weather to hit the waves.

Ideal conditions for surfing are always present though with the surf simulator at the Sheraton hotel. The game lets hotel guests ride virtual waves on a live board any day, at any time, regardless of outside weather.

“We’ve got to worry about sharks, and we’ve gotta worry about the reef,” said creator Paul Goo of the new feature in the lobby of the Sheraton Waikiki. The addition lets people enjoy the adrenaline rush of surfing even when they can’t make it out the real waves of Oahu.

“It takes the fear out of actually going out into the water and really creates a safe environment for people to participate,” said Richard Vidinha, the Sheraton’s Director of Fun (seriously, that’s a real job title!)

So, if you don’t want to deal with salty hair, streaking makeup, cold wind, or you don’t want to risk injury or making a public fool of yourself, this could be an ideal solution!

“We’re really fortunate to be able to use this technology as one of our guests activities,” Vidinha said. “The reaction has been awesome, we have it pretty much five days a week right now for two hour segments in the afternoon.”


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My Touch Keys Adds Tactile Feedback To Your iPhone

My Touch Keys Adds Tactile Feedback To Your iPhone

If you’re one of the many people that have jumped on the iPhone wagon, you’ve no doubt realized that typing on it isn’t quite as easy as other smartphones. The main cause for this is the lack of tactile feedback. Sure, I will admit that the keyboard isn’t that bad to use, but if you could actually feel where your fingers were, it would make things much easier. This is exactly the purpose that My Touch Keys plans to serve.

This piece of plastic clings to your screen, with holes where the letters of the keyboard would be. This way you can feel exactly where your fingers are.


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Zeal Optics Link Spherical

Zeal Optics Link Spherical 

No matter the conditions, the limited edition Zeal Optics Link Spherical goggles will have you covered. New for 2008, they feature the world’s first polarized and photochromatic lens. Polarization allows for increased clarity and depth perception, but the lens also changes the level of opacity depending on the light and time of day, adapting to low light and sunny conditions. By eliminating the need to switch out lenses, this is truly the only goggle you’ll need.

The spherical lens is form-fitting, increasing peripheral vision. Vents increase air volume and eliminates fog. The shape is compatible with most helmets while strategically placed rubber strips on inside of the headband help keep the goggle in place.

Zeal Optics  , waiting for your review Utah Guy!

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MIT Students Roll Giant D20 To Honor Gygax

 MIT students roll giant D20 to honor Gygax

MIT students honored the dear departed geek hero Gary Gygax (creator of Dungeons and Dragons) by fabricating a gigantic D20 and rolling it into the notorious prank zone Killian Court.

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Due to tape decks being nearly obsolete, the mixtape is fast becoming an extinct art form. However, the downside to the mixtape artistry was that if you wanted to share it with more than one person you had to make copies, which inevitably made the second and third generation version sound reasonably worse than the original. Mix CDs remedied the generation problem, but distribution still required sitting down and making multiple copies. Fortunately, with the popularity of the some thing called the ‘internet’, you knew someone was bound to remedy this problem. Enter Muxtape. The site, created by New York based web designer and photographer, Justin Oullette allows users to create their own mixtape by uploading their 12 song playlist, then storing said muxtape on their own subdomain. Users can then share their creation by sending a link to their friends. No copies to distribute. No mess. It’s all so very clean and filled with Ajax-y goodness.

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Expo Skate Obsession

Expo Skate Obsession

From Ed Templeton to the Art Dump and stretching back to the Dogtown days, the world of skate plays a big part in the creative process, one that runs parallel with the sport itself and constantly reinvents itself as long as its progenitor does. Maze Skate Shop, with sponsorship by Adidas Skateboarding here in Brazil, is putting on the first-ever dedicated show of art as was specifically influenced by skate with its Expo Skate Obsession. The excitement kicks off tonight. Participating artists include Apo Fousek (who recently did a stint at Eastpak), Prozak, Paulo Ito and Tinho. They’ve given paintings, drawings, photos and other designs to commemorate the show, with a percentage of all sold works going to a charity. Later, a book archiving these works and the show will be released in Portuguese and English. The show will sit inside Maze’s new space that will become the site of its new girls-only extension after the show ends.

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NewsConnect April 2008 Auction

NewsConnect April 2008 Auction

Following the success of the first Connect auction late last year I am please to bring you news that they will duplicating the festivities. The auction which will see a number of high profile design items up for grabs with furniture and a number of fascinating houseware being previewed on March 28th and with the auction taking place on April 5th this is definitely a date to pen into your diary if in the area. View the items available strictly through Connect.

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Limited Edition UNKLE Print

Limited Edition UNKLE Print

Will Bankhead, as you know is responsible for much of the great photography seen on UNKLE albums or ther merchandise over the years, fans will be pleased to hear he is  releasing a limited edition Unkle print, only 50 are available, each print is super high quality A3 and signed. At a cost of £150 including shipping worldwide you’ll need to be quick

The address to contact is orders.trilogy@gmail.com

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Irish Museum Of Modern Art Hosts Retrospective Of McDermott & McGough

Irish Museum of Modern Art hosts Retrospective of McDermott & McGough

A retrospective of the entire photographic work of the American-born artists McDermott & McGough, covering two decades of their highly-original output in that medium, at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. An Experience of Amusing Chemistry: Photographs 1990 – 1890 comprises some 120 works created using a wide range of historic photographic techniques, including the use of palladium, gum, salt and cyanotype prints.

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Sonnabend Gallery Features Designer Jean Royère Retrospective

Sonnabend Gallery features Designer Jean Royère Retrospective

The Sonnabend Gallery reunites with curators Patrick Seguin and Jacques Lacoste to present the first important retrospective exhibition on the oeuvre of the seminal 20th Century designer Jean Royère (1902-1981).  The exhibition will present some 100 pieces (furniture and lighting) that retrace the career of one of the most innovative designs of the 20th Century. From among the selection to be exhibited: an exceptional bureau in fine straw marquetry, a rare “Flaque” low table, a “visiteur du soir” model settee, the emblematic “Ours Polaire” sofa, the “Starlette” day bed, and a plethora of lighting fixtures, such the “Persan,” the “Eiffel Tower,” and the “Mushroom.”

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