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Rossi & Rossi Presents Tibetan Artist Norbu Tsering ( a/k/n Nortse )

Rossi & Rossi presents Tibetan artist Norbu Tsering ( a/k/n Nortse ) 

Rossi and Rossi will present recent work by the Tibetan artist Norbu Tsering, known as Nortse, in their gallery at 16 Clifford Street, Mayfair, London W1, from Thursday 14 February to Saturday 22 March 2008.  In recent years Fabio Rossi has travelled extensively in Tibet and China and met many young Tibetan artists whose work shows an exciting fusion of traditional Tibetan culture and contemporary western art.  Self-Portraits: State of Unbalance will be the first in a series of one-man exhibitions at the gallery.

Nortse was born in Lhasa in 1963, and from 1980 to 1991 studied art at various schools, including Tibet University in Lhasa, the Central Arts Academy in Beijing and the art academies in Guangzhou and Tainjing.  His early artistic expression as a stage designer coupled with his academician’s training can be seen in his striking mixed media works.  Included in his oeuvre are profound photographic statements as well as portraits in oil on canvas.  His work deals with issues which are as relevant to London as Lhasa: global warming, environmental degradation, overpopulation, alcoholism among the young, and the desire to form one’s own identity in a world of mass media and the erosion of culture and tradition.  
The Rossi and Rossi exhibition comprises some 14 new works, for sale at prices between £5,000 and £10,000.  Nortse mixes traditional realistic oil painting techniques with contemporary photography, a style which he classifies as ‘new painting’.  He is one of the few Tibetan artists venturing into multimedia.  Several works in the exhibition depict figures with bandaged faces, three of which are entitled The State I am in  while another, more optimistic image, entitled Extrication, depicts a half-length figure with forearms bound together but the hands opening to release a cloud of butterflies.  
Nortse has written “I gradually came to understand that the power of art to influence people was a matter of culture, not formal language. … I realised that the future of Tibetan art depended entirely upon whether Tibet could maintain its own unique culture. 
From that point on, in my work I began to focus on the influence of the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) on Tibetan culture, and the striking economic changes taking place in Tibet.”  He is a member of the Gedun Choephel Artists Guild in Lhasa and has exhibited in Beijing, Colorado, Königswinter, Lhasa, London, New York and Santa Fe. His work is held in significant private collections in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Switzerland and the USA.

Anna Maria Rossi founded Rossi & Rossi Ltd in London in 1985.  In 1988 her son Fabio joined her and together they established a reputation as leading dealers in Indian and Himalayan art, early Chinese and Central Asian textiles and works of art.  In recent years they have additionally staged exhibitions of Tibetan and Chinese contemporary artists as well as Western artists who have worked in the East. These contemporary exhibitions have been met with critical acclaim and a positive audience response, bringing them to the forefront of the thriving contemporary art market.  Rossi & Rossi’s clients include distinguished private collectors as well as many major museums worldwide including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, the Tokyo National Museum and the Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney.  
Exhibition title: Self-Portraits: State of Unbalance – Recent Work by Norte


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FRIDA KAHLO – A Centennial Exhibition – PhiladelPhia Mmseum Of Art


A touring exhibition devoted to the art of Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) will be on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art from February 20 through May 18, 2008.  Organized in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Kahlo’s birth, it will present approximately fifty paintings from the beginning of her career in 1926 to the year of her death in 1954.  Frida Kahlo is the first major presentation of the Mexican artist’s works in the United States in nearly fifteen years.

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Kidrobot Admitted To The MoMA Collection

Kidrobot admitted to the MoMA Collection

US based Kidrobot has developed a strong allegiance of fans with their releases of limited edition art and apparel. Ten pieces of their arts and toys were chosen as part of the Museum of Modern Art’s “Just In: Recent Acquisitions from the Collection”. Among the included toys are “Hello My Name is Dunny”, “Bad Dunny”, “MUNNY 3” as well as a selection of seven paintings by the likes of Deph, Cycle, Thomas Han, Kenzo Minami, Doma, Tilt and Frank Kozik.

ZZ, I thought you will like to hear that… congrats 🙂

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iPhone 1.1.3 Update

iPhone 1.1.3 Update 

According to GearLive.com the 1.1.3 firmware update for the iPhone is ready and soon to be released. Before all you must know that there is no official news from Apple regarding this update, and also, according to MacRumors.com the guys at GearLive are known to previously release mockups of iPod Nano.

But these screenshots seem real enough and they reveal some interesting new features:

– Edit Home Screen – Rearrange icons on your home screen
– Locate Me integration (pseudo-GPS) with Google Maps
– Send SMS to multiple people
– Add Safari Bookmarks to your Home Screen (following picture)

iPhone 1.1.3 Update

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iPhone FM Transmitter

iPhone FM Transmitter

Many of you probably have heard about the classic FM transmitters compatible to normal mp3 players. It would have been really discriminating for the iPhone owners if someone hadn’t developed something similar compatible to iPhone and iPod.

Thanks to Pro Power now you can enjoy your favorite music in your car while traveling, without having to take a trip at the car service and modify your audio system.

They developed the first iPhone FM Transmitter, which will allow you to play the music you choose on a frequency that will be easily detected by your radio and so you will listen to it trough the cars stereo system. The smart thing about it, is that there is no sound quality loss at all, you will be hearing the exact song but only much louder than on the iPhone’s standard speaker.

Many FM Transmitters work with batteries, this one is fully adapted and prepared for long journeys, with a built-in Car DC Charger so your iPhone will get charged while you comfortably sit your seat and listen to the music.

In order to prevent some frequency intercalation you can easily choose the FM frequency you like to play your songs on, delivering excellent sound. The configuration of the device can be easily done trough the LCD Screen, you will have no problems in understanding and controlling the device.

Pro Power One-Piece Car Kit is also very light and portable, people who spend much time on the road won’t regret spending $33.99 on this device from Amazon.com.

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Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS Watch

Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS Watch 

Congratulations to Garmin: Their new Forerunner 405 GPS watch, designed for runners, is the first one small and unobtrusive enough to be worn all day, unlike previous models. (The new 405 is on the right, while earlier models are left and center, for not-to-scale contrast.)

I look forward to the day when GPS is just another tiny chip on the board. (What’s holding that back? Antennas?)

The Forerunner 405 should cost around $300. That’s a lot of scratch for an ugly watch, but the Forerunner line has always gotten solid reviews from runners, who like the ability to track their routes, speed, mileage, heart rate, and more.

Even cooler, the 405’s bezel responds to touch, which should make it much easier to switch to different displays or change settings without slowing down.

Forerunner 405

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